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VMware Taps Liquidware Labs Award-Winning ProfileUnity With FlexApp for VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Architecture

Liquidware Labs, the leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced that its ProfileUnity with FlexApp is supported component software in the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop architecture. As a supported component, ProfileUnity with FlexApp will be featured in VMware demo centers exemplifying the Mobile Secure Desktop architecture.

"Liquidware Labs is an established leader in desktop transformation technologies, and we continue to innovate to new levels in order to meet customers' demands for highly flexible and robust mobile device solutions," said Tyler Rohrer, co-Founder of Liquidware Labs. "We are very pleased that ProfileUnity with FlexApp is supported in this VMware initiative, which not only signals our strong partnership, but also delivers a transformational architecture that organizations can leverage to drive a 21st century technology infrastructure."

The VMware Mobile Secure Desktop solution focuses on worker mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives that are on the rise in the workplace. With more diverse and scattered workforces than ever, organizations need to balance their need for strict and centralized IT control, even while providing users with access to internal IT systems from any device, anytime, anywhere.

The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop architecture delivers cost-effective, non-persistent virtual desktops with VMware View and streamed applications with VMware ThinApp. With Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity with FlexApp, users have the ability to personalize their virtual desktop with their own applications.

With VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop, organizations can support their workers with maximum flexibility to customize their desktops as needed. No matter where they login or what device they are using, workers can install, access, and use the data and applications they need for their daily work-without compromising security and control.

Typical worker use-cases for the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop include the following:

  • Office-based information workers
  • Content/media workers
  • Software developers
  • Home office workers
  • Traveling workers (laptop users)
  • VIP (tablet + BYOD users)

Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity with FlexApp is a full-featured and affordable user virtualization solution with an innovative approach to permitting user installed applications without resorting to proprietary layering technologies. The solution supports BYOD initiatives by enabling user-installed applications to deliver a deep level of personalization with non-persistent VMware View desktops. The solution does this without requiring separate systems to be run and without affecting the underlying base image or subsystems of their devices. FlexApp stores user-installed applications separately from the Windows® OS in designated storage areas. As users log in, their chosen applications get "snapped=in" to their desktops in seconds. This innovative technology offers unparalleled flexibility and simplicity for organizations that want to empower users with a deeper level of personalization.

ProfileUnity with FlexApp provides several functions that support the delivery of Mobile Secure Desktop and BYOD programs, including:

  • Simplifies management of non-persistent Windows environments dramatically because fewer master images must be maintained.
  • Promotes greater desktop virtualization ROI and economies of scale because more workers can migrate to virtual desktops.
  • Reduces desktop administrator time on maintenance and troubleshooting activities.
  • Lowers TCO as organizations realize optimal license use and reduce storage requirements.
  • Virtualizes the installation of an application location, not the application itself, thus appearing native to the OS; applications are thus instantly usable without any modifications.

"ProfileUnity has allowed us to address the needs of our internal customers not only for today, but tomorrow. We now have an incredibly agile physical and virtual desktop system which allows students to learn from any location, on any desktop, at any time. This is a fundamental shift in the way students have been learning and opens up a world of opportunity they did not have before," said Theodore Love, Director of Technology, Phoenix Central School District, New York. ( ) "This solution has also allowed us to optimize our staff into strategic roles, moving from machine to machine troubleshooting to designing desktop architectures - thereby delivering higher value and more impact to our organization than ever before."

"As a close Liquidware Labs and VMware partner working with a highly diverse customer base, we are asked routinely about best practices, especially for mobile workers and BYOD initiatives," said Todd Knapp, CTO / CEO of Envision Technology Advisors, LLC in Providence, Rhode Island. ( ) "For these organizations, it is essential that they have a secure, robust solution they can count on to support worker productivity no matter where or how they login to their systems. We find that in the majority of environments, ProfileUnity with FlexApp not only provides the features that our customers need to get these initiatives off the ground, but also stands them in very good stead as they scale out their pilots for greater numbers of their workers. We are pleased to see ProfileUnity with FlexApp as a designated supported solution in the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Architecture."

"Desktop virtualization provides an innovative way for IT to support BYOD initiatives by improving user access, streamlining application updates and enhancing data security," said Raj Mallempati, director of product marketing, End User Computing, VMware. "Liquidware Labs’ desktop delivery technology will enhance the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop offering, and enables joint customers to have secure access to corporate data across a wide range of employee-owned devices."

The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop collaboration is a leap forward for organizations looking for tested and validated solution stacks to enable a new level of productivity for their end users. For more information on the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop, visit or For best practices around deploying the VMware View Mobile Secure desktop with Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity with FlexApp, attend the upcoming VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Training Bootcamp available online at:

Published Monday, June 25, 2012 5:21 PM by David Marshall
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