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Quest Reduces Cost and Risk of Delivering a Customized User Workspace

While traditional tools for managing Windows desktops allow IT to perform the basic functions of deploying software and collecting desktop inventory information, today’s users require much more. They need their customized user environment to be available and productive from the moment they log on, which means IT must deliver precisely the right combination of access to data, applications and other resources onto each user’s unique desktop – fast. Quest announces today its latest version of Quest Workspace Desktop Authority, offering a simple, yet holistic, solution that centralizes management of the entire user environment across physical and virtual Windows desktops, transforming the desktop into a productive user workspace, and empowering IT to manage the freedoms of each user and still retain control of a secure overall environment.

To target and create policies that precisely configure the right user environments instantly, IT must have a deep understanding of everything from file shares to printers to applications, intelligently mapped to each user or group. This requires the capability to gather and access this extremely granular level information from one console – using one provider – rather than piecing together the capabilities of multiple tools.

Quest Workspace Desktop Authority 9 provides a single console that lets IT access and manage all components needed to quickly configure the entire user environment, enabling users to log on and be productive and satisfied immediately, giving IT the ability to balance user freedom with control and security, and preparing the company to compete in today’s dynamic market.

Quest Workspace Desktop Authority 9 now offers the following key features:

  • Broad access Web console – IT no longer needs to install a local client to access Desktop Authority, but now can use a web browser to administer desktop policies across the organization. The new console particularly supports larger companies by allowing multiple administrators to work concurrently.
  • VDI support – Users enjoy a seamless roaming experience when signing in through different devices, where they can access their tailored configuration on a physical machine, terminal server/Remote Desktop Session Host or virtualized desktop (VDI). All the while, IT can work in the background to adjust configurations based on the best practice for that technology.
  • Fast, effective Windows 7 and Office 2010 migration – Desktop Authority eases and speeds migration to newer platforms with support for common folder redirection in Windows 7 (music, videos, contacts, etc) and in Office 2010, so users can have confidence that their content will remain intact in the new environment, with less involvement from IT.
  • Internet browser management– IT will save time and provide a consistent, secure user environment with central management of privacy and security settings for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

What sets Desktop Authority apart:

  • Patented Validation Logic – Desktop Authority 9 leverages its patented validation logic technology to deliver a targeted, personalized user workspace that simplifies configuration and results in a more secure overall corporate environment. Some IT organizations use Microsoft Group Policy Preferences to configure the user environment, but this approach can require many steps to create targeted user policies. Desktop Authority’s patented targeting engine provides IT with much deeper control, especially in complex organizations with many levels of delegation and group membership.
  • Desktop Authority lets IT establish a group of users with a single set of criteria, offering instant targeting of the entire profile, or an individual element, by intelligently mapping groups to their specific access rights, regardless of their size and unique requirements. Since most IT departments run hundreds of settings for each user group, this means a dramatic reduction in the time required to complete this task.
  • The risk and complexity associated with daily desktop management also fall dramatically because IT can now configure each user with only what they need, when they need it, without restructuring Active Directory.
  • Complements Microsoft SCCM, Altiris, LANDesk – Desktop Authority offers the only way for IT to add the highly targeted capabilities for user environment management and support needed to complement these existing desktop management systems, and provide a simple, holistic desktop and user management solution that will keep companies ahead of competition.
  • USB & Port Security – Desktop Authority lets IT organizations move beyond implementing rudimentary practices for securing external devices by providing a high level of granular control rights that protect the environment from a host of security threats—data theft, introduction of malware, unapproved applications and content—on more than 30 different devices, including Bluetooth and USB, while targeting security policies based on needs.
Published Wednesday, June 27, 2012 6:11 PM by David Marshall
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Quest Reduces Cost and Risk of Delivering a Customized User Workspace « VT News - (Author's Link) - June 27, 2012 8:06 PM
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