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Citrix Adds MDX Technology to CloudGateway for Enterprise Mobility

Citrix today announced the immediate availability of Citrix CloudGateway 2, featuring its groundbreaking new MDX mobile experience technology. The addition of MDX gives CloudGateway a rich set of mobile app technologies that enable centralized management, security and control over native iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps across more than two billion mobile devices. The new CloudGateway release also adds integration with Citrix ShareFile, the company's cloud-based file sharing and sync service. With these new additions, CloudGateway becomes the first product in the industry to offer customers a single unified control point for all mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps and data, across any mix of corporate and personal devices. The company also announced plans to add MDX support to its popular Citrix Ready® program, making it easy for developers and IT departments to validate their native mobile apps for use with CloudGateway.

The rise of BYO and the proliferation of mobile apps and data across multiple platforms mean that old principles of managing a corporate device have become obsolete. Today, the typical corporate employee uses three devices a day to get his or her work done, with at least one of these devices being user-owned. A recent study by Citrix also found that most enterprises are now supporting an increasingly diverse portfolio of Windows, web and mobile apps. These trends are prompting enterprises to develop a new approach to end user computing - focusing on controlling apps and data, rather than the mobile device itself.

CloudGateway 2 with MDX Technology

The new MDX technology in CloudGateway features four primary components that work together in concert to provide the best mobile device experience for users, with full control for IT:

  • MDX App Vault - is a secure native mobile app container technology that separates mobile enterprise apps and data from personal apps and data on any mobile device. This allows IT to remotely manage, control, lock and wipe the critical business apps and data they care about.
  • MDX Web Connect - is a secure mobile browser technology that makes it easy for IT to deliver internal corporate web apps, HTML5 mobile web apps and external SaaS apps to mobile devices with a dedicated browser instance for each app.
  • MDX Micro VPN - is the industry’s first app-specific secure access technology that lets IT create a secure VPN tunnel for mobile and web apps accessing the company’s internal network from personal mobile devices.
  • MDX Policy Orchestration - provides granular policy-based control over native mobile and HTML5 apps based on factors such as the type of device, type of network, user passcode, login frequency, and whether or not a device has been jail-broken.

Citrix ShareFile Integrated into CloudGateway 2 to Deliver Follow-Me-Data

As part of this release, CloudGateway supports not only native mobile apps delivered through MDX, but also integration with Citrix ShareFile. Using CloudGateway with ShareFile, companies can give employees access to their files on whichever device they choose through seamless role-based management. ShareFile accounts can be automatically provisioned and de-provisioned with CloudGateway when an employee is added to or removed from Active Directory. Once an employee has a ShareFile account, files can be accessed on any device through the company's popular Citrix Receiver™ software client, and will follow the employee across all devices being used. Data associated with native mobile apps or Windows apps hosted by Citrix XenApp™ is also easily accessible, and can follow the employee across any of the devices being used. In the event a device is lost or an employee leaves the organization, IT can remotely disable access to corporate apps, and wipe any sensitive business data stored on the mobile device. With CloudGateway 2, IT now has a single control point to provision, manage and secure all applications and data enterprise-wide.

New Versions of Citrix Receiver Bring MDX Support to More than 2 Billion Devices

To support the new CloudGateway release, Citrix also announced the addition of MDX support to its popular Citrix Receiver software client, delivering an unparalleled, high-definition, self-service user experience for iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps on over two billion smartphones, tablets and laptops. Combined with CloudGateway 2, the new Receiver clients deliver a consistent follow-me experience for apps and data, enabling employees to be as productive on-the-go as they are in the office.

Citrix Ready Program Expanded to Include Validation with MDX

To help customers easily manage native mobile and web applications, Citrix is working with Citrix Ready partners and other software developers to validate their mobile apps for use with MDX. With the new program, mobile application ISVs will be able to validate their apps as Citrix Ready so joint customers can deliver them via a unified storefront. Interested companies can request more information at this link.

Citrix Quote

Sumit Dhawan, Group Vice President and General Manager, Receiver and Gateways

“The converged trends of BYO and mobile workstyles are here to stay, and are the key drivers forcing companies to re-think their enterprise mobility strategies. These enterprises need to look beyond managing the device to managing the apps and data. With MDX Technology in CloudGateway, Citrix gives these enterprises an end-to-end solution that securely manages the apps and data, leaving device freedom in the hands of users. The powerful combination of CloudGateway, Citrix Receiver and ShareFile provides the missing piece in current solutions by allowing enterprises to support a mobile workforce while maintaining the right levels of security and control.”


CloudGateway 2 with MDX technology is available for download today. Citrix will continue to invest in MDX technologies to provide customers and their employees the best mobile device experience. As part of these investments, Citrix will deliver a secure native email app to provide customers assurance that corporate email and user data is secured within the MDX app vault and can get remote wiped at any time. In addition, Citrix will enhance MDX to provide granular control and deep monitoring over mobile apps. These enhancements will reinforce the Citrix commitment to make the mobile experience the most secure for IT yet delightful for users.

Published Tuesday, July 31, 2012 6:14 PM by David Marshall
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