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HotLink Launches Industry's Simplest Product for Deploying, Administering and Managing Hybrid Clouds
HotLink Corporation, the market leader in transformation solutions for heterogeneous virtualization management, today announced the launch of its latest product, HotLink Hybrid Express for VMware vCenter.  The new technology dramatically simplifies the management of hybrid clouds through a VMware vCenter plug-in that natively supports Amazon EC2 and CloudStack resources — full functionailty, with no other management console prerequisites. HotLink Hybrid Express accelerates the process of deploying a combined on and off-premise hybrid infrastructure from weeks to just a few hours, utilizing customers’ existing VMware vCenter management infrastructure.

HotLink Hybrid Express is the only solution to natively extend VMware vCenter to public clouds, so existing VMware users can consolidate deployment, administration and management of all on and off-premise resources with a single pane of glass — VMware vCenter.   HotLink’s unique transformation technology abstracts public cloud platforms and workloads so VMware vCenter treats them just like vSphere hosts and VMs  — fully integrated and managed as a unified pool of resources.  Because HotLink natively integrates cloud resources, VMware vCenter compatible orchestration tools, service catalogs and self-service portals work seamlessly.  

“The majority of enterprises today are using VMware vCenter to manage their on-premise virtual infrastructure.  Leveraging the existing management infrastructure is a huge benefit when adding off-premise, public cloud resources,” said Bernd Harzog, senior analyst at The Virtualization Practice.  “The simplicity of the HotLink Hybrid Express approach significantly lowers the barriers for enterprises to incorporate cloud-based services into their virtual resource pools.”

With HotLink Hybrid Express, public cloud workloads benefit from the same VMware vCenter techniques as on-premise virtual machines.  Users clone, snapshot and migrate cloud instances just as they do today.  HotLink’s integrated, bi-directional workload conversion enables seamless migration to and from Amazon EC2 and CloudStack.  Additionally, users can deploy cloud instances from existing VMware vCenter templates and readily share templates with team members.  With the combination of VMware vCenter and HotLink, VMware users have the familiar deployment and management interface of on-premise, with hybrid cloud flexibility and agility.

Key features of the new HotLink Hybrid Express for VMware vCenter include the ability to:
  • Manage public cloud resources natively inside vCenter — so users have single point management of all on-premise and off-premise resources.
  • Migrate workloads with simple point and click — enabling users to deploy cloud instances just as easily as existing on-premise virtual machines.
  • Create, use and manage hybrid snapshots — for the ability to create or revert to snapshots either on or off-premise.
  • Integrate and automate workload conversion — enabling seamless migration of both Windows and Linux workloads to and from public clouds, without the need to utilize other tools. 
  • Utilize existing templates in hybrid environment — eliminating any need to build new templates for deploying workloads in Amazon EC2 or CloudStack.
  • Standardize policies across on and off-premise — so enterprises can uniformly apply policies in a hybrid environment using existing VMware vCenter infrastructure.
  • Apply automation across hybrid resources — allowing VMware vCenter to be the singular integration point for automation across all hybrid resources.

“Like most enterprises, Flextronics is looking for the best ways to leverage cloud-based services to economically increase our capabilities.  However, the day-to-day complexity of managing multiple infrastructure types has been a significant barrier,” said Dave Smoley, CIO of Flextronics. “The ability to utilize our existing VMware vCenter management solution to manage hybrid resources opens up a wide range of public cloud use cases we didn’t think were possible.”

For customers with hybrid needs that also include on-premise multi-hypervisor support, the combination of HotLink Hybrid Express and HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware vCenter enables full-function, unified management of all on and off-premise heterogeneous resources  —  with VMware vCenter as the single point of management for Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat KVM, Amazon EC2 and CloudStack.

“While a growing number of companies recognize the benefits of deploying a hybrid infrastructure, the implementation can be an extremely time consuming and complex, with many layers of management required for day-to-day operations,” said Lynn LeBlanc, CEO and founder of HotLink. “With HotLink Hybrid Express, enterprises can now easily incorporate hybrid resources into their existing on-premise virtualization management environment for a robust and fully integrated management solution out-of-the-box.”  

HotLink will demonstrate the new HotLink Hybrid Express for VMware vCenter in Booth 2422 at VMworld 2012 at Moscone Center, San Francisco from August 26-30, 2012.  Also, the company is conducting a series of Webinars on the new technology with registration available at

Pricing and Availability

HotLink Hybrid Express for VMware vCenter pricing starts at US$7,500 and is now available. For more information, contact

Published Tuesday, August 14, 2012 3:22 PM by David Marshall
HotLink Launches Industry’s Simplest Product for Deploying, Administering and Managing Hybrid Clouds « VT News - (Author's Link) - August 14, 2012 4:50 PM
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