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New Dell Wyse D Class Cloud Client Family Empowers Customers with Enhanced Enterprise Grade Features, Packs a Punch with Improved Computing Performance

Dell Wyse today announced the release of its new Dell Wyse D class mid-range cloud client family, comprised of thin clients and cloud PCs, which blends superb system performance, excellent multimedia capabilities and energy efficiency in a compact desktop device. The new offerings provide a comprehensive solution that suits the needs of demanding users, while providing systems administrators with ultimate control over their application environments. The Dell Wyse D class reflects the needs of changing virtual desktop environments and delivers efficient high performance and versatility. It also serves as an ideal mid-range desktop client within Dell’s wide-ranging end-to-end Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) lineup consisting of servers, storage, networking, and services that extend from the datacenter to the end user.

Compact and efficient yet very powerful, the new D class is especially proficient in delivering high-quality graphics, as evidenced by the standard Passmark Performance Test 7.0 benchmark suite ( These standard desktop performance tests reveal that the D class provides up to a 43% higher 2D graphics performance score over the comparable HP t510 mid-range thin client, and a up to a 76% higher score for 3D graphics performance.**

The new D class cloud client family combines features that provide users with uncompromised access to line-of-business information from virtualized environments from Citrix, Dell, Microsoft, and VMware. Organizations can tailor and personalize application profiles as they wish, while users benefit from a wide array of I/O interface options for enhanced multimedia support to get the most from audio, video and graphics intensive content. The D class is based on the same high performance technology as Dell Wyse’s state-of-the-art Z class cloud client family.

Its compact 170 (H) x 185 (D) x 40 (W) mm dimensions signal yet another example of Dell Wyse’s position as an industry leader in the design of small yet powerful platforms. The streamlined design means that Dell Wyse cloud clients can be used in a wider variety of scenarios.

Organizations often choose virtualized desktops to improve security and energy efficiency while easing management and maintenance burdens on IT staffs. While providing greater flexibility to the end-user, the Dell Wyse D class cloud clients provide mid-market and large organizations flexible networking, peripheral connectivity, OS and storage options, yet are easy for IT teams to manage. Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n single or dual band wireless and Bluetooth connectivity suit virtually all local access scenarios.

Details on the Dell Wyse D class cloud client family

  • The Dell Wyse D90D7 thin client includes firmware based on Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, and the Dell Wyse D90DW thin client includes firmware based on Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009, both delivering broad capabilities including rich support for peripherals, local Internet Explorer browser, local terminal emulation, and comprehensive support for connection to virtual infrastructures based on Citrix, Microsoft and VMware technologies.
  • The Dell Wyse D00D cloud PC delivers a full-featured PC desktop experience with the benefits of cloud computing using Dell Wyse WSM provisioning software. Although a cloud PC environment is centrally managed, all applications execute locally.
  • The Dell Wyse D50D thin client is based on Dell Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise, a state-of-the-art enterprise-quality Linux operating system, combining security, flexibility and usability.

All of these devices are supported by Dell Wyse advanced virtualization and management software products, including management and automatic configuration from Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM) and Dell Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM), and user experience optimization and acceleration through Dell Wyse TCX and Dell Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA) software.

As desktop virtualization usage scenarios continue to increase within large and mid-size organizations, Dell Wyse recognizes the need to afford the workforce greater flexibility and usability, while enabling the IT department to maintain control of the organization’s application environment. The Dell Wyse D class cloud client family serves as a vital new component within Dell’s overall end-to-end desktop virtualization solution set and provides users with a powerful desktop experience, helps improves security, and eases the IT department desktop management burden while giving the ability to maintain complete control of the business network.


“The Dell Wyse D class mid-range cloud client family provides new levels of desktop performance in an extremely efficient, compact form factor, as well as extends Dell’s cloud client computing offering to better serve the customer needs.” - Param Desai, executive director, Product Management, Dell Wyse. “The D class offers businesses the efficiency, flexibility and ease of integration they require, while end users enjoy a rich, high-performance multimedia desktop experience.”

"The new D class cloud client family not only improves on price and performance, but because it is built upon the same platform as Dell Wyse's Z class family of solutions, customers are able to easily scale up their implementation." - Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "It's always exciting to see this kind of future-proofing in an end point that delivers real benefits today and scalability into the future."

"When we design VDI or virtual desktop solutions for our customers, our top goals are performance, security and maintaining a consistent user experience across all devices." - Adam Bari, managing director at IPM. "The new Dell Wyse D class enhances the user experience by incorporating high-definition multimedia, voice and video functions and personalization capabilities that are currently not available in the market. We are excited to integrate this new series into our solutions and give our customers an unrivaled virtual experience anywhere, anytime and on any device."

Pricing and Availability

The Dell Wyse D90D7 is available immediately and costs $499. The additional D class models will be offered in the near future for superb compatibility.


Published Tuesday, August 14, 2012 3:27 PM by David Marshall
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