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CohesiveFT Releases Enhanced VNS3 3.0 Cloud-Based Software Defined Networking Product for Enterprise Cloud Migrations
CohesiveFT specializes in helping enterprises run business operations via the cloud, today announced the general availability of VNS3 3.0 (VNS-cubed 3.0), the latest update to its market-leading software defined network (SDN) product for cloud security and control. Formerly called VPN-Cubed, VNS3 3.0 adds flexibility, expands programatic access, and increases topology control. Since 2008, enterprises have relied on the rich feature set that CohesiveFT VNS3 3.0 delivers for secure enterprise application-to-cloud migration, connectivity and management.

Secure, Controlled, Connected Available as a "bring your own network" (BYON) deployable to all major clouds and virtual formats, VNS3 3.0 makes it easy for enterprises to securely capitalize on the cloud, support application innovation and control every aspect of enterprise-to-cloud connectivity. VNS3 is a component of CFT's family of cloud migration solutions and partner solutions, called the Cloud Container.

CEO Patrick Kerpan states, "CohesiveFT created the first iteration of VNS3 before the industry really had a name for software defined networking, so we like to think of VNS3 as one of the first commercial SDN products. But VNS3 3.0 focuses on the application layer, giving customers control and security through a highly available overlay network, site-to-site IPsec connectivity and end-to-end data in motion encryption. It's all about that customer control in the cloud."

VNS3 3.0: Security and Connectivity for Mobile Banking

Assimil8, a market leader in business analytics, financial reporting, planning and forecasting, and data warehousing, uses VNS3 3.0 to manage and connect their software defined networks to customers, partners, and internal data centers.

"CohesiveFT and their VNS3 solution give us the control and security we need to comply with our customers' rigorous privacy and industry concerns. The data-in-motion encryption VNS3 3.0 ensures that we maintain highly segmented and secure overlay networks. Our platform solution would not be nearly as safe and flexible without Cohesive's VNS3 device," said Kevin Hurd, Director at Assimil8. "Assimil8 is proud to be a leader in IBM cloud-based solutions. Working with Cohesive's professional team makes it easy for us to provide innovative solutions that meet the growing needs of our customers."

With VNS3 3.0 enhancements organizations can now:

  • Better manage and monitor IPsec tunnels
  • Upgrade existing topologies without operational windows
  • Diagnose connectivity through improved Network Sniffer functionality
  • Run scriptable cloud networks using an expanded REST API
  • Save on runtime and cloud costs via the outbound NAT capabilities

Launch eBGP and CloudWAN capable "Bring Your Own Networks" (BYON)

VNS3 3.0 is the only software defined networking (SDN) product that offers both a highly available BYO network and site-to-site IPsec connectivity. VNS3 combines with provider's VLAN isolation to allow the creation of a "security lattice" for enterprise cloud computing.

CohesiveFT formed in 2006, and by 2008 delivered the first iteration of VNS3. The still revolutionary elements of VNS3 allow it to function as a router, switch, firewall, SSL and IPsec concentrator and protocol re-distributor. The capabilities make VNS3 a hybrid virtual device customers can configure in a mesh to create truly flexible software defined networks delivering control in the cloud.

Availability and pricing:

VNS3 3.0 is available immediately. For more information please visit

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