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New VMTurbo Release Enables Intelligent Onboarding and Automated Control for Cloud Infrastructures
VMTurbo, the leading provider of intelligent workload management software for cloud and virtualized environments, today revealed VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2. This new release addresses the growing demand for greater intelligence, agility and automation in onboarding application workloads to private, public and hybrid clouds, as well as providing holistic and granular control for distributed multi-site operations.  The release also extends discovery and application-aware management to Java applications and Linux environments, and adds hypervisor support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 3.0.

“IT organizations are moving beyond simple virtual machine provisioning. Our clients are now considering how to orchestrate the delivery of multi-tier applications and assure committed service levels,” said Alessandro Perilli, research director at Gartner. “Automated infrastructure optimization, through dynamic resource allocation and intelligent workload placement, is critical to enable service assurance and scale operations in large private or public cloud environments”.

Virtualization professionals and cloud service providers are onboarding new application workloads daily. While many solutions facilitate planning and deployment using templates and orchestrating virtual machine provisioning, the reality is that these options lack a full understanding of the current availability of physical resources in the continuously changing cloud and virtual data centers into which these applications will be placed. By integrating intelligent onboarding with VMTurbo’s Economic Scheduling Engine, VMTurbo Operations Manager closes the loop in planning, deploying, and continuously controlling the virtual environment to assure application performance while maximizing utilization of physical resources.

“Layered Tech delivers mission-critical cloud services for demanding ebusiness applications, so Quality of Service is a top priority for us—and our customers. VMTurbo Operations Manager assures resource availability—even as possible contention increases—for the applications in our Cloud,” stated Kevin Van Mondfrans, VP Product Management at Layered Tech. “We stake our reputation on our service commitment to our customers, and VMTurbo helps us ensure successful cloud operations.”

New Capabilities in VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2:

  • Intelligent Workload Onboarding: The new release enables deployment of new application workloads based on custom or pre-defined templates to cloud environments. This feature supports typical deployment use cases and integrates with third-party provisioning solutions. Onboarding and placement decisions are driven by the same Economic Scheduling Engine that intelligently controls resource allocations based on deep analytics that take into account constraints which restrict where workloads can run in the cloud infrastructure. By removing the guesswork and assumptions regarding resource availability, VMTurbo Operations Manager delivers greater efficiency, accuracy and speed versus alternative onboarding processes.
  • Cloud Scalability and Federation: VMTurbo expands scalability and management views by federating data and services for distributed VMTurbo Operations Manager instances in cloud-scale environments. This allows for “single pane of glass” management as well as segmenting multiple levels of management granularity.  Service providers and multi-site enterprises can distribute Operations Manager by groups (locations, operations management teams) and aggregate data and services at any level, providing greater flexibility in viewing, controlling, planning and reporting.
  • New Application Discovery and Cloud Platform Support: Adding to existing application-centric features, this release extends Operations Manager capabilities for Java applications using Java Management Extensions (JMX), and SNMP-enabled environments, including Linux and non-WMI-enabled Windows applications. By doing so, the product streamlines discovery and delivers greater visibility regarding application behavior to derive resource allocation decisions that meet application QoS needs. VMTurbo Operations Manager now also supports RHEV 3.0, extending VMTurbo Operations Manager’s capabilities to include RHEV, XenServer, Hyper-V, CloudStack, or vSphere virtual environments – all from a single, integrated virtual appliance.

“With this release of VMTurbo Operations Manager we bring critical cloud control and onboarding capabilities to our platform at a time when cloud infrastructures—both public and private—are becoming mainstream,” said Yuri Rabover, vice president of product strategy and co-founder at VMTurbo. “Utilizing the same intelligence for how you onboard, deploy and place new workloads as for how you control the virtual environment leads to smooth and predictable service delivery. It reduces operation costs and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring applications have the resources they require in a shared environment while maximizing utilization – which yields a better economic return for cloud providers.”

Today’s virtualized data centers and cloud infrastructures require a different approach for operations management to deliver maximum efficiency without compromising on service levels. VMTurbo delivers a cloud-scale control plane that identifies constraints and automates resource allocation decisions to optimize utilization and meet SLAs. The technology addresses resource contention before problems occur, makes certain that applications have the resources they require, and ensures the infrastructure is utilized in the most efficient way possible.

Published Tuesday, September 18, 2012 10:00 AM by David Marshall
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