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Q&A: Interview with VMTurbo Talking About the Launch of Operations Manager 3.2

It's been a pretty busy September for VMTurbo.  The VMTurbo product was selected by Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (Arrow ECS) and then a week later by cloud service provider CSC.  And I learned a lot about the company while at VMworld 2012, and shared that video interview with you here

But just last week, the company made a new announcement around the launch of VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2.  To find out more, I called up Derek Slayton, the VP of Marketing at VMTurbo.  Here is our conversation:

VMblog:  VMTurbo announced the release of the VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2 earlier this week. Was there a particular gap in the market you were trying to address?

Derek Slayton:  As cloud adoption continues to grow, organizations/IT departments are deploying new virtual workloads daily, leading to an explosion in the demand for solutions with greater intelligence, agility and automation to help alleviate the pain associated with the process of onboarding to  private, public and hybrid clouds.

Current solutions facilitate the mechanics of deployment but don't take into account the actual point-in-time availability of physical resources in the continuously changing cloud and virtual data centers into which these applications will be placed.

VMblog:  And how does 3.2 address these issues?

Slayton:  VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.2 provides integrated intelligent workload onboarding that removes the guesswork and assumptions regarding resource availability and ensures application performance while driving better utilization of the infrastructure. By intelligently controlling resource allocations based on deep analytics that take into account any constraints that restrict where workloads can run in the cloud infrastructure, successful deployments of new workloads are accelerated. Further, intelligent initial placement of new workloads helps IT get it right-right from the start.  This reduces the risk of under-performing workloads and eliminates the need for operational staff to troubleshoot issues for poorly-placed workloads.

VMblog:  What new benefits can customers expect from the latest version of VMTurbo Operations Manager?

Slayton:  With 3.2, customers will now be able to deploy new application workloads based on custom or pre-defined templates to virtualized cloud environments, removing the guesswork and assumptions regarding resource availability and improving the efficiency, accuracy and speed of their onboarding processes.  Additionally, users will be able to expand their scalability and management views by segmenting multiple levels of management granularity.  Service providers and multi-site enterprises can distribute Operations Manager by groups (locations, operations management teams) and aggregate data and services at any level, providing greater flexibility in viewing, controlling, planning and reporting.

Expanding on previously delivered application-centric features in Operations Manager, VMTurbo introduced application discovery and prioritization for Java and Linux applications in version 3.2. This is valuable because Operations Manager understands priorities at all layers, and can prioritize resource allocations for applications based on its business criticality.

VMblog:  Can this solution be used across any cloud and virtualization management platform?

Slayton:  Yes, Operations Manager 3.2 is the only solution in its category to control multiple virtualization platforms (vSphere, Hyper-V, XenServer and RHEV) and cloud architectures (CloudStack , OpenStack and vCloud Director) through a single virtual appliance and user interface.

VMblog:  So how will customers be able to reduce their operations costs?

Slayton:  Since the solution delivers real-time analytics and ensures that applications have the resources they require in a shared environment while maximizing utilization, IT organizations experience huge time savings and can make fire-fighting a thing of the past.  The intelligence and automation that VMTurbo introduces dramatically reduces the time spent reviewing and analyzing reports/data to determine the root cause of application or workload issues. VMTurbo prevents issues by prescribing actions-and automating their execution-to continuously control the environment to meet Quality of Service requirements, saving countless man-hours over manual processes. 


Thanks again to Derek Slayton, VP of Marketing at VMTurbo for taking time out and speaking with VMblog.

Published Monday, September 24, 2012 8:47 AM by David Marshall
Q&A: Interview with VMTurbo Talking About the Launch of Operations Manager 3.2 « VT News - (Author's Link) - September 24, 2012 9:53 AM
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