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Solera Networks Enhances Next-Generation Virtual Appliance for Big Data Security, Delivering Unprecedented Visibility and Advanced Threat Detection for Virtual Environments

Solera Networks, the industry’s leading Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics provider, announced today major enhancements to its popular and patented DeepSee Virtual Appliance that provides complete visibility of network traffic—including traffic between applications running in the virtual network. With its recent enhancements, the DeepSee Virtual Appliance now supports VMware ESX servers, Citrix XenServer, Windows Hyper-V Virtual and KVM environments to deliver the world’s most complete, flexible and cost-effective solution for security intelligence, analytics and cyber threat detection. In addition to the industry’s broadest platform support for any network environment, the Solera Networks DeepSee Virtual Appliance offers five times the visibility, monitoring and analytic capacity of previous generations. Organizations can now capture, classify and reconstruct up to 10 terabytes of packets, sessions and files per virtual instance with clustering capabilities into the petabyte range—thereby supporting even the largest data center virtualization deployments and initiatives.

Also announced is the DeepSee Virtual Appliance – Lab Edition, a new no-cost version of the company’s DeepSee Virtual Appliance that is easily deployed on desktops and laptops for simplicity and portability. The new Lab Edition is ideal for threat researchers, security consultants, security analysts and incident responders. With the introduction of this no-cost version, organizations of any size can now benefit from big data security intelligence and analytics.

First introduced in 2007, the Solera Virtual Appliance was the industry’s first full network packet capture, indexing, deep packet inspection and real-time analytics solution available as a virtual appliance. This provided freedom for organizations to deploy a solution that gives complete network visibility and situational awareness to any part of the network—all without the high cost and complexity of proprietary hardware.

“Prior to the Solera solution, our incident response protocol meant days or weeks would be spent inspecting log files or very limited flow data in an attempt to find relevant information,” said Bill Dean, director of computer forensics and security assessments at Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. “With Solera DeepSee, we can reconstruct—in real-time and with absolute certainty—every packet of information that crossed the network before, during and after the event to learn exactly what transpired. The DeepSee Virtual Appliance gives us the portability and flexibility to deploy quickly and gain visibility anywhere within the organization. We’ve had great success with this product, significantly decreasing investigation and response times and saving a lot of money in the process.”

Solera Networks provides the big data intelligence and analytics necessary to gain context, determine root cause, verify impact and mitigate security breaches and events. This visibility allows organizations to take the action necessary to limit risk to their infrastructure and data—whether in physical or virtual environments. The DeepSee platform monitors and records every bit of network activity—classifying, indexing and storing every byte, packet, flow and file for real-time situational awareness, security assurance and incident response.

“With the high enterprise adoption of virtualization technology, enterprise security teams need to have a significant focus on virtual security. Security breaches and incidents can result in significant damage, especially with the amount of sensitive data that resides in virtual environments,” said Richard Stiennon, founder and analyst at IT-Harvest. “Having the ability to deploy a flexible and cost-effective virtual appliance for network analysis, visibility and intelligence is critical to effectively securing virtual infrastructure from today’s advanced malware and cyber-threats.”

“Organizations are under increased pressure from advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks requiring constant vigilance. While traditional preventative security technologies are essential, they don’t provide the visibility and context needed to assess and take action against these types of threats,” said Steve Shillingford, president and CEO, Solera Networks. “Customers across industries—including financial, infrastructure service providers, healthcare, defense and more—have deployed our DeepSee Virtual Appliance to gain complete insight and evidence of advanced malware and zero-day attacks targeting their networks and cloud deployments. With our Lab Edition, any organization can now gain critical detail into the exact source and scope of any security event—including what was affected, what systems were compromised and what data was extracted from the network. As a result, they can more effectively respond to threats while minimizing the potential for further damage.”

Solera DeepSee Virtual Appliance – Lab Edition is available for download, free of charge, at The Solera DeepSee Virtual Appliance 30-Day Trial is also available at the same location.

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Solera Networks Enhances Next-Generation Virtual Appliance for Big Data Security, Delivering Unprecedented Visibility and Advanced Threat Detection for Virtual Environments « VT News - (Author's Link) - October 2, 2012 8:35 AM
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