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Redstone Federal Credit Union Slashes Computing Costs by 60% in Major Transformation with Pano Logic
Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization and ‘Desktop in the Cloud’ computing, today announced that Redstone Federal Credit Union in Huntsville, Ala., has embarked upon a major technology initiative that calls for replacing 75 percent of its PCs with Pano Logic zero client virtual desktop computing over an 18-month period. The replacement of PCs is part of a technology overhaul that began earlier this year, slashing the cost of computing equipment for employees by 60 percent and promises to save even more money by reducing maintenance demands on IT staff.

Redstone, Alabama’s largest credit union with assets of over $3 billion, is currently in the process of upgrading and improving its computing infrastructure. Phase one of the plan calls for replacing all of the PCs in its 22 branches – about 460 PCs in all, representing nearly half of the organization’s desktops. Phase two calls for replacing another 300 PCs in various departments during 2013. With growth plans on the horizon, Redstone is planning to standardize on Pano for new branches.

Redstone’s branches are already sprinkled throughout Huntsville, Ala., and surrounding towns, some as far away as 100 miles, in southern Tennessee. The Redstone IT team was seeking to reduce travel time for tasks like replacing a hard drive or trouble-shooting and was drawn to Pano’s centralized management capability. Pano Logic is also eliminating costly PC refresh cycles. These factors contribute to up-front CAPEX costs that are 60 percent less than the cost of PCs.

“We started looking at Pano Logic because of the rising cost of replacing PCs every three years or so, but we immediately realized the benefits from centrally managing desktop computing, especially when the users are far away,” Lisa Whitt, Assistant Vice President of Technology at Redstone, said. “We are growing and planning to expand, including outside of Alabama, and we need something to help us manage end users remotely. Pano logic gave us everything we were seeking in a computing solution.”

Zeroing in on Security Risks

“Pano Logic solves a range of challenges facing organizations with rising security and privacy standards and in the case of Redstone, the additional logistical hurdles of managing multiple locations and the cost of PC refresh cycles,” John Kish, CEO and President of Pano Logic, said. “More than 1,000 organizations worldwide have realized a better way of providing workers with computing, proving the era of the PC is coming to a close.”

Redstone’s forward-thinking technology roadmap underscores a migration under way by many financial institutions, health care organizations and governments that are replacing PCs with Pano Logic’s Pano System for VDI with its zero client technology to protect sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance. Restrictions on how organizations store, share and make available to employees consumer personal and financial information, or patient data in the case of healthcare companies, have become more stringent.

Such organizations are drawn to Pano Logic because it enables IT to more closely control, manage and monitor end user behaviors and it eliminates a significant security liability – end user device storage. Often the target of malware, endpoint device storage can also store sensitive information that could become exposed should the device be stolen. The Pano Zero Client G2 device, which is included with the Pano System for VDI, contains no storage, no processors and no software; all computing is moved to the data center or cloud, or in Redstone’s case the branch servers, where it can be centrally managed and endpoint device support is eliminated.

“Pano Logic has such a strong security value add with its zero client that the platform fits perfectly with the high-security network environments I develop for customers,” said Jim Shaeffer, CEO of JCS & Associates, the Pano Logic reseller that worked with Redstone. “In deploying Pano, Redstone made a number of forward-thinking moves that have resulted in a truly high-performing, next-generation computing environment.”

Pano Logic’s Pano Zero Client represents the only true zero client endpoint device for desktop virtualization and desktop in the cloud computing on the market. The small form factors consume 97 percent less power than PCs, 50 percent less power than thin clients or other so-called zero clients, and do not store data locally, fully eliminating endpoint security liabilities. The devices are designed to support Pano Logic’s computing solutions: Pano System for VDI is a complete end-to-end, hardware-and-software virtual desktop solution best suited for users that require a Windows environment and Pano System for Cloud is best suited for organizations moving to web-based applications. Pano System for Cloud eliminates the need for a local operating system and central processing unit and delivers web-based computing using Google’s Chrome browser as the interface.
Published Monday, October 22, 2012 6:29 AM by David Marshall
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Wow. Did you see the title? Read it again. Has Pano Logic really closed its doors? After doing a quick search online, there is only one media company reporting this news -- Credit Union Times. Now, not to take anything away from the fine work that I'm

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