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RightScale Is the Cloud Management Platform of Choice for SaaS Companies

RightScale Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, is helping software vendors accelerate the process of bringing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to market. Over 100 SaaS providers, from enterprises to startups, rely on RightScale to deploy and manage single-tenant and multi-tenant SaaS applications for their customers in cloud environments.

As a result of growth in SaaS adoption, software vendors are looking for ways to deliver SaaS solutions. SaaS providers use RightScale to leverage cloud environments to bring their SaaS offerings to market, including:

  • New SaaS products developed specifically for cloud environments.
  • Existing SaaS solutions migrating from traditional data centers to cloud environments.
  • Traditional on-premise software being offered as SaaS solutions in the cloud.
  • Demo and trial environments for traditional on-premise software.

When delivering SaaS applications in the cloud, SaaS providers face challenges in managing updates, ensuring compliance and controlling infrastructure costs. SaaS providers also have unique challenges for their cloud deployments depending on their SaaS architecture. Multi-tenant SaaS solutions need to maintain high availability across all customers to meet end user service-level agreements, while SaaS providers that are leveraging single-tenanted architectures must manage and maintain a large number of customer-specific environments. SaaS providers use RightScale to solve these challenges, streamlining and accelerating the entire software lifecycle of their cloud-based products, including development, test, staging, production and maintenance. As a result, companies delivering SaaS solutions are able to free up time from operational tasks to focus on developing features that are important to their customers.

"As the SaaS model becomes the de facto standard for delivering software, SaaS providers are increasingly choosing cloud computing as the best way to meet their infrastructure needs. SaaS providers want to ensure they can effectively and efficiently manage their SaaS environments," said Josh Fraser, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at RightScale. "With the RightScale cloud management platform, companies can streamline their operations, speed up the sales process and launching products more quickly as a result."

Progress Software Accelerates Time to Market
Progress Software -- a company that simplifies the development, deployment and management of business applications -- uses RightScale to manage a broad set of SaaS products in the cloud. Progress has taken advantage of the dynamic provisioning capabilities of RightScale to speed products to market.

"We have a wide product mix offered as SaaS solutions that would be impossible to provision, update and manage manually. The dynamic provisioning that RightScale ServerTemplates and RightScripts provide is pretty powerful stuff," said Mike Ormerod, Sr. Architect of SaaS and Cloud Strategy at Progress Software. Using RightScale for cloud management lets us focus on development of our own product functionality."

Pearson Education Brings Single-Tenant Software to the Cloud
The digital learning division of Pearson, a global publisher of educational content, aimed to offer traditional on-premise software as a cloud-based SaaS solution. With RightScale, Pearson streamlined the development process by providing self-service access to test environments and ensuring 100% consistency between test and production deployments. In addition, Pearson's sales team now enjoys a shorter sales cycle, with the ability to spin up pilots, and a reduction in customer on-boarding time."

"When we announced that our new cloud-based product would allow us to on-board a customer in less than a week, our salespeople were ecstatic. They applauded!" said Andy West, Director of Digital Technology Architecture at Pearson. "Using RightScale to manage our deployments we were able to confidently deliver on this message."

The Resumator Streamlines Cloud Operations
Like many emerging software companies, The Resumator is primarily focused on building a great product rather than managing infrastructure. The most important benefit of RightScale for The Resumator has been empowering developers to manage operations when necessary. Rather than hiring a team of dedicated systems administrators, The Resumator is able to hire additional developers to continue building out the features needed to succeed in the HR software market.

"RightScale helps us bring new capabilities to market more quickly and the automated scaling and monitoring mean that we get alerted to any issues," said Chris Armstrong, Director of Engineering at Resumator. "Using RightScale has enabled our engineering team to focus on feature development, and thus driving revenue, rather than routine systems administration tasks."

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