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Incapsula Prediction: 2013 Will See More DDoS Attacks Launched from the Cloud

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Contributed article by Marc Gaffan, Co-founder and VP of Marketing & Business Development at Incapsula

2013 Will See More DDoS Attacks Launched from the Cloud

Hackers and attackers have been using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to bring down sites for years. The underplaying principle of a DDoS attack is directing enough firepower at a single website to exhaust its networking or computing resourcing, bringing it to a halt. To bring together the required resources to mount an attack, hackers have typically been using Botnets, armies of personal hijacked computers that have been taken over and used for malicious purposes.

In 2013, Incapsula expects to see this change as hackers begin to leverage the cloud for their attacks. In fact, we're already starting to see it. The volume of a single DDoS attack is constantly growing - now easily surpassing 30 Gigabit per second (this is equal to 30,000 home PCs fully utilizing a 1Mbps uplink connection). Many people are wondering who has flocked up so many hijacked PCs to execute such attacks. The answer is: It is coming from the cloud.

The benefit of the cloud is that a three person start-up can spin-up a cluster of 1000 cloud-servers, within 10 minutes, from their garage, but the downside is that so can hackers. In fact, hackers do not even pay for the infrastructure since they can hack their way to it. This high-end cloud infrastructure has been optimized for the best possible performance and utilization and is most likely sitting on the Internet's backbone to gain the best networking speeds.

Suppose one of these three guys from our example start-up has their cloud account's username and password stolen, the thief now has access to an infinite amount of computing and networking infrastructure. If a vulnerability is exploited in one of those servers and it's taken over, the hacker now has the technological equivalent of a Howitzer cannon at their disposal.

The unfortunate reality is that hackers can now misappropriate On Demand Cloud Infrastructure and turn it into a weapon of mass disruption.


Published Friday, November 16, 2012 1:08 PM by David Marshall
Incapsula Prediction: 2013 Will See More DDoS Attacks Launched from the Cloud « VT News - (Author's Link) - November 16, 2012 4:22 PM - Virtualization Technology News and Information for Everyone - (Author's Link) - January 15, 2013 7:00 AM

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