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Savvis Predictions: In 2013, Agile Cloud Computing Won't Require the Internet

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Contributed article by David Shacochis, vice president of cloud platforms, Savvis

In 2013, Agile Cloud Computing Won't Require the Internet

In 2013, the industry will truly realize the power of cloud computing without connecting through the internet.  Cloud providers who can seamlessly operate behind the corporate firewall will become major players in true hybrid cloud implementations.

How do we know this?  Our customers are insisting on it - and willing to put skin in the game to help us get there.

As is the case for many cloud service providers, our value proposition is increasingly found in our ability to develop and integrate data center automation software.   And along with many IT organizations that need to continually innovate, we're shifting to more of an agile development approach. 

Transforming a traditional product development process into an agile model is no easy feat.  It can take a number of months, and feels a bit chaotic in the early going.  Not to mention the uninformed colleagues who think agile development just means parkour in the computer lab.  But you get through it and start to produce results.  We've just recently completed our first product launch run completely through agile scrum, and we have dozens more in the pipeline.

However, the most important impact of agile development comes from the ability to involve our customers in the development process.

For example, in 2010, we launched a service called Cloud Connect that enables our customers to make private connections between our enterprise cloud platform and any service or network on the CenturyLink backbone.  It was a simple product, with relatively few features, rolled out with little fanfare.

But once our customers and their design teams started working with this minimally viable product, their imagination went wild.  Customers started building private connections with business partners, legacy applications, and dedicated clouds.  We've seen ad hoc ecosystems spring up where our Symphony cloud platform has customers doing business with one another, and they've been vocal about what they want to see added to the Cloud Connect platform.  This front-line feedback led us to a strategic pivot whereby we're doubling down on private network interconnectivity.

We're launching an update to Cloud Connect next quarter, catalyzed by the creativity and insight of our visionary customers and their design teams.  The new platform will enable a variety of multi-point connections which keep applications safely behind the corporate firewall, with only the essential services connected to the public internet as the customer requires.  If, in 2010, we weren't sure that cloud computing had a future behind the corporate firewall, we know now that it undoubtedly does.  Our customers are leading us there, and our agile development process is helping us respond to that demand.

The New Year will be an exciting one as we drive our hybrid cloud strategy to both the public internet and the corporate intranet.   By connecting with our customers, we're able to transform Savvis Symphony into a more connected cloud.


About the Author

David Shacochis is vice president, cloud platforms, at Savvis, a CenturyLink company, where he is responsible for revenue growth and customer adoption within this emerging product portfolio. As a senior leader within the enterprise cloud business unit, he is the product owner over cloud interconnect, software catalog, runtime services and entitlement management. David has been with Savvis for twelve years, serving in many of the major divisions of the company, including global operations, customer service, software integration, strategic marketing and program management. An engineering-trained MBA, his career experience with firms such as UUNET, Exodus Communications, Digital Island and Cable & Wireless has built a wealth of IT infrastructure experience with a variety of clients across diverse industries. 

Published Tuesday, December 18, 2012 6:30 AM by David Marshall
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