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Citrix Predictions: Four Predictions That Will Shape Mobility In 2013

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Contributed article by Natalie Lambert, director of product marketing, Citrix Gateways and Receiver

Four Predictions That Will Shape Mobility In 2013

Over the past year, the interest in mobility has skyrocketed and according to industry analysts, mobility is a top priority for today's CIOs. To be successful with mobility initiatives, organizations need to allow employees to get their job done from any device, wherever they are. So, what can we expect to see in 2013?

Prediction 1: BYOD will hit mainstream...

BYO has been talked about for years as it frees the IT department from procuring and managing devices and instead allows the user to choose the best productivity device to suit her style. While not all BYO is created equally, BYO of mobile devices is becoming the status quo. According to Forrester Research, more than 80% of CIOs have or will have a BYO policy for smartphones and tablets in the next 12 months. [i]

Prediction 2: ... But enabling mobility will be about more than just the device

Yes, allowing employees to use a mobile device to get their work done is important. But, enabling mobility is about much more than giving a mobile device access to email or the intranet. To truly embrace mobility, organizations must allow employees to be productive where they want, when they want, and on the device they want. This means redefining the "corporate" device, adopting or developing new apps that are mobile friendly, rethinking application delivery to account for any type of app on any device and ensuring that employees always have access to their data.

Prediction 3: The app landscape will change: Windows apps are no longer king

While showing a full-featured version of PowerPoint on a small iPhone screen makes for a great demo, it isn't exactly ideal for an employee trying to edit a presentation on a deadline. Couple this with the increase in employees using mobile devices and it adds up to organizations focusing their efforts on providing a new set of apps to mobile workers.  These apps will be different across two dimensions: form and function. Specifically, organizations are looking to change the form of their apps to enable better productivity while mobile. This is highlighted by a recent survey conducted by Citrix, which found that enterprises will increase their use of SaaS and mobile apps at the expense of Windows apps over the next year. As for the function of apps, mobility highlights the need for micro apps that enable employees to accomplish small tasks quickly, such as approving an expense report, booking a conference room or submitting a sales lead. Overall, this means new, smaller, mobile friendly apps taking center stage in 2013.

Prediction 4: Managing mobility will include apps, data and devices

Mobile device management technologies are key to providing a security foundation on a mobile device. However, that is just the beginning. As organizations add more mobile-friendly apps to their portfolio, managing and securing these apps and their associated data will become paramount. Organizations must look for solutions that help them address the management and security challenges of each of the components that matter to them. This may mean providing an MDM solution for corporate-owned devices; technologies that secure, manage and deliver web, mobile and Windows apps to all devices; and a secure data sync and sharing solution for knowledge workers. Regardless of the scenario, as all organizations will be different, sourcing a single mobility solution to manage all apps, data and devices will greatly simplify IT while improving the productivity and experience for employees.

2012 was a great year for mobility. We saw innovative new apps (both business and consumer), great new devices (iOS, Android, and Windows 8) and an increase in support for mobile workers. 2013 will take this a step further and I expect that a "think mobile first" imperative becomes the new reality for IT as they procure new services to support their employees.


[i] "Assess Your Mobile Engagement Maturity", Forrester Research, Inc., November 12, 2012 

Published Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:25 AM by David Marshall
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