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VMTurbo 2013 Predictions: Operational Issues in Virtualized Data Centers and Clouds To Take Center Stage

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Contributed article by Shmuel Kliger, CTO and founder of VMTurbo

Operational Issues in Virtualized Data Centers and Clouds To Take Center Stage

The focus will shift from building cloud environments to efficiently running them.

Organizations will seek to get more value from the infrastructure investment in internal clouds. To obtain ROI from virtualization and cloud adoption, companies will look to productivity improvements to reduce OPEX and improve economics.  Changes in the technology, people and processes to streamline IT operations may entail creating more fluidity between functional groups, increasing the administrator to server ratio through better management tools that allow higher densities of workloads per host, and automating processes wherever possible.

The issues of operating the virtual data center at scale become significant.

The number of variables, constraints, and dependencies that must be considered to make effective decisions regarding where to run workloads in virtualized data centers and clouds creates a problem that is exponentially complex in nature. Combined with the dynamic nature of the virtual infrastructure itself, it becomes intractable. Scale only exacerbates the problem. This "new normal" will expose deficiencies in incumbent management tools and force organizations to rethink operations management. In environments of scale, monitor-alert-diagnose approaches won't work, and collecting metrics about the environment will never be meaningful given their shelf-life versus the time to analyze and (manually) act on them.

Enterprise IT will take ownership of cloud adoption.

The focus will be on what workload to run where to maximize ROI of the infrastructure spend and assure service levels.  As on-demand options in public/private/hybrid clouds become more readily accessible and available, and workload mobility across clouds becomes a reality, IT will increasingly be the governor for these decisions and will need technology solutions capable of spanning hypervisors and internal/external infrastructure to make intelligent decisions.

There will be further consolidation in the virtual data center-this time with operational roles.

The cycle of planning, provisioning, and managing workloads in virtualized and cloud environments won't be looked at independently, especially if IT organizations want to minimize operational overhead and enhance agility. The people, technology and processes for planning, onboarding and operating workloads will become unified-and a unified set of intelligence will be required to make it possible.


About the Author

Shmuel Kliger is VMTurbo's founder. Prior to VMTurbo, Shmuel joined EMC after the acquisition of SMARTS, where he was CTO and co-founder. At EMC he was a CTO of the resource management software group and VP of architecture and applied research in the CTO Office. Previously, he was a researcher at IBM Research.
Published Thursday, December 20, 2012 1:16 PM by David Marshall
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