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Desktone 2013 Predictions: The Convergence of Virtual Desktops, App Delivery and the Cloud

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Contributed article by Danny Allan, CTO, Desktone

The Convergence of Virtual Desktops, App Delivery and the Cloud

With big changes happening in the IT industry every day, the one constant growth area is mobility. Being able to access your information from anywhere is quickly becoming the standard across industries, and more organizations are looking to provide access to enterprise programs and applications on all types of employee devices. In 2013, we'll see a heavy push toward virtual desktop and application deployments in the cloud to support enterprise mobility. In particular, we expect to see many large organizations looking to combine the app data delivery experience with the desktop to make mobile access more convenient and affordable.

A growing number of companies are offering corporate app stores, which are specifically designed to enhance their employees' mobile work experience. A logical, and cost-effective, next step is to combine corporate app delivery with cloud-hosted virtual desktops, giving organizations greater control over mobile policies without having to invest in on-site infrastructure. By implementing desktops and apps delivered as a cloud service, organizations are able to realize the efficiencies of the cloud, such as multi-tenancy, scalability, multi-location management, and low OpEx costs, for end user workspaces. The cloud makes it simple for IT professionals to provision and deploy desktops and apps, and for end users to access full-featured Windows desktops and applications on any device with Internet access.

With cloud-hosted desktops, end users can directly access Windows apps from any device they choose - including tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs and thin clients - and IT professionals can manage multiple desktop models and applications from a single management console. This combined cloud delivery approach is ideal for deploying and managing apps that have expensive licensing requirements, and for high-maintenance apps that require frequent updates, patches or configuration changes.

One of the most significant benefits of cloud-hosted desktops and apps is security. With the rise of mobile devices in the workforce, IT professionals have to consider what happens if an employee's phone, tablet or laptop is stolen or goes missing. By hosting desktops and apps in the cloud, IT staff are able to control employee access to specific apps and programs from one central hub. This centralized management also makes patches and updates simpler to push out. Additionally, this model can help reduce licensing costs over on-premise models that may require separate licenses for corporate app stores and employee devices.

As the enterprise workspace evolves to keep up with the demands of mobility, we'll see more organizations in 2013 look to cloud-hosted desktops and apps as the simplest and most-effective way to give end users the flexibility they need to be successful.


About the Author

As Chief Technology Officer, Danny Allan is responsible for developing Desktone's technical and service delivery strategy. Allan educates IT organizations and solution providers on how to design and deploy hosted virtual desktops and is responsible for the service delivery operations. He joins Desktone from IBM where, as Director of Security Research and a member of the Security Architecture Board, he co-authored the IBM Secure Engineering Framework and helped define the software security strategy. Earlier, Allan held several senior customer facing and technical strategy positions with Watchfire. With 10+ years of technology and security experience, Allan has published several whitepapers and articles, participates in industry working groups, and has spoken at more than 60 industry conferences. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University.  

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