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Jeda Networks Unveils Software Defined Storage Network Technology

Jeda Networks has today unveiled a new framework for future storage networking called Software Defined Storage Networks (SDSN). Jeda Networks has applied virtualization and abstraction to solve the complexity, cost and scalability issues inherent in today’s storage networks. By supplying the last essential piece to a fully virtualized IT infrastructure, Jeda Networks is transforming the way storage is networked in the Cloud era.

Today’s storage networks are complex, expensive and are limited to scale as the applications they support grow at a projected exponential rate. Jeda Networks has created revolutionary SDSN technology, to significantly change the adaptability of current storage networks to readily adjust to this growth. Jeda is the first company to take a pure software approach, applying Software Defined Network (SDN) technology, to address current limitations inherent in today’s storage networks. Jeda’s SDSN resides within the network, abstracting the essential services of the storage network from the underlying physical network significantly simplifying management tasks allowing for much larger scaled networks.

As the “killer app” for Software Defined Networks (SDN), Jeda Network’s highly scalable SDSN software can be applied to any storage network from the smallest rack of only a few systems to the largest Cloud Data Centers. For small deployments, SDSN simplifies the deployment of the storage network with the added benefit of utilizing standard management software more readily available and less expensive than the proprietary management software required in many environments today. Jeda Networks’ software can also be deployed in the largest Data Centers where scalable enterprise block storage resource pools are not readily available due to storage network real-time scalability issues.

“Jeda Networks' approach is unique and has a chance to be a truly disruptive force in the market today,” said analyst Deni Connor, Founding Analyst with StorageStrategies. “Jeda Networks is taking what has traditionally been a hardware play and turning storage networking into a simple, elegant software solution that gives organizations more flexibility and scalability in today’s virtual environments.”

Jeda Networks’ lead lies in the fact that its solution works with many existing physical network components such as standard Ethernet switches and standard 10Gb/s Ethernet adapters – no additional software and no specialized hardware is required. The forward-thinking enterprises looking to leverage SDN’s benefits to storage now have access to the key enabler – the virtualized storage network. Jeda Networks gives organizations, for the first time, a new, far less complex approach to storage networking easily adapting to the next generation of applications such as database, data mining, Big Data and rich media requiring high performance storage solutions.

“At Jeda, we are waging war on IT complexity,” said Stuart Berman, CEO and founder of Jeda Networks. “We are offering a fundamental architectural and business model shift in how applications access their storage in the Cloud era. Our technology will lower the cost for both the smallest IT environments as well usher in new capabilities for the largest Cloud Data Centers.”

Published Tuesday, February 19, 2013 6:32 PM by David Marshall
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