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Latest Trends on Cloud Computing Takes Your Business One Stage Further

A Contributed Article by Deney Dentel, CEO of Nordisk Systems, Inc.

The ever-evolving world of cloud-computing technology continually revolutionizes IT (information technology) in new and exciting ways. The innovative creativity has clearly transformed how my business works at managing data and confidential information for businesses. Along with its many benefits, it eliminates the need of a physical environment, and instead, uses the virtual world full of virtualized servers to perform all of its duties.

Moving to the Cloud Is Easy

My business quickly realized how easy it was to move to the cloud. With the ability to turn over all work to the cloud, we were able to downsize our IT departments and reduce our workforce, while still producing the same work, more efficiently. When businesses migrate to the cloud, they are sometimes required to change the business' operating system to accommodate security restrictions. In the end, it provides better flexibility, and improves security.

A More Collaborative Way of Working

Cloud computing technology offers multiple devices to work across the Internet together. In a collaborative effort, nearly all of our employees, vendors, customers, and clients can communicate and work in unison online.

Increased Productivity

Because the world is going mobile, cloud-computing technology helps increase productivity from my company's workers that telecommute, travel, or work away from their desk. Cloud computing helps scale business processes, enhances communication and offers extensive computing platforms to make the most out of all of the employee's time.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid cloud computing is designed to combine both local (in-house) computing with cloud computing. Businesses are incorporating cloud computing (public and private) as a critical way to supplement their applications and internal infrastructure. In effect, the adoption of hybrid cloud-computing technology optimizes the process performance of the business to reduce costs.

Greater Level of Protection

With high levels of security protocols and encryption techniques, cloud-computing hosting providers offer extensive safeguarding of critical documents, confidential data and pertinent files and folders for their customers.

Flexibility to Scale up or Scale down Your Company

Cloud computing allowed my company to be more flexible. My employees easily increased their work productivity in and out of the office, because they could gain instant access to files, documents, and confidential data on their web-enabled devices that include notebooks, laptops and smart phones. With the capacity to share documents simultaneously over the Internet, the process enhances the support for both external (away from the office) and internal (in-house) collaboration. In effect, this process continues to allow my business to scale up or scale down our needs to provide complete flexibility of our IT department.

Like my company, many IT managers of SMBs and large corporations are making the switch and adopting cloud computing for their business. In recent years, it has gained significant momentum in organizations of all sizes and enterprises.


About the Author

Deney serves as CEO for Nordisk Systems, Inc.  As one of the premiere cloud computing solutions providers, Nordisk Systems is the only local IBM Premier Business Partner based in the Pacific Northwest, specialized in all IT solutions including cloud computing services, servers manged service, storage and virtualization.
Published Monday, February 25, 2013 7:02 AM by David Marshall
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