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NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP Enables Nonstop Operations for VMware vCloud Suite and VMware Horizon Suite

NetApp today announced new solutions and technology integrations that bring together the benefits of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, the storage industry’s number one operating system, with VMware vCloud Suite and VMware Horizon Suite. Together, NetApp and VMware offer integrated cloud infrastructure and mobile computing solutions that enable nonstop IT operations, increased data protection and easier infrastructure deployment.

The new solutions include the NetApp Storage Solution for VMware vCloud Suite, and the NetApp Storage Solution for VMware Horizon Suite. Both solutions are being demonstrated this week at the VMware Partner Exchange Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • NetApp Storage Solution for VMware vCloud Suite
    The NetApp Storage Solution for VMware vCloud Suite enables enterprises and service providers to deliver a shared storage infrastructure for private cloud environments. By virtualizing physical storage hardware, storage administrators can increase or decrease storage resources on demand and without disruption to the business. Built on clustered Data ONTAP, the solution provides the industry’s leading storage efficiency features and embedded data protection to reduce overall infrastructure cost, increase availability, and accelerate time to market.
  • NetApp Storage Solution for VMware Horizon Suite
    As workers become increasingly more mobile, IT must provide anywhere, anytime access to desktops, applications, and data, as well as give users the capability to share that data securely. The NetApp Storage Solution for VMware Horizon Suite includes storage efficiency and data protection integration with VMware Horizon View™ 5.2 and VMware Horizon Workspace™ 1.0, which enable desktop and user data to be stored securely and backed up efficiently on a virtualized infrastructure built on clustered Data ONTAP. The solution also allows customers to use NetApp FlexClone® technology for rapid deployment of virtual desktops, improved scalability, and simplified management of the end-user computing environment

New NetApp integration support for VMware vCloud Suite includes:

  • NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) Enhancements for VMware vCloud Suite
    New enhancements and capabilities for VMware vCloud Suite offer a simple and rich capability to deploy and manage data stores within NetApp systems, including the ability to automate provisioning and clone virtual machines with NetApp FlexClone. The VSC for VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 includes an expanded set of APIs and Microsoft Windows PowerShell extensions that enable cloud developers to accelerate the delivery of vApp services.
  • NetApp Snap Creator for VMware vCloud Backup and Recovery
    NetApp Snap Creator™ software offers backup and recovery integrations in VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 that can provide protection for both the VMware vCloud infrastructure and the application running inside of vApps. Snap Creator also features expanded API and UI extensibility for cloud developers, user roles, and supported applications.
  • Enhanced VMware vSphere® Storage API for Array Integration (VAAI) Support
    Data ONTAP 8.1 includes expanded VAAI support for VMware vCloud 5.1 and provides greater scalability, with the API delivering 10x faster VM operations, including provisioning, cloning, backups and migrations. There is also support for Fast Provisioning, a feature of VMware vCloud Director® with NetApp FlexClone and hardware-accelerated NetApp Snapshot™ backups.

New NetApp integration support for VMware Horizon Suite includes:

  • Expanded Data Protection for VMware Horizon Workspace
    NetApp can deliver data protection with disk-based backup for VMware Horizon Workspace, which now enables application-consistent backup and recovery of Horizon Workspace with a new Snap Creator plug-in.
  • Enhanced VMware Horizon View Composer API (VCAI) Support
    NetApp will offer support for the new VMware Horizon View™ Composer API for Array Integration (VCAI) in VMware Horizon View 5.2. VCAI leverages NetApp FlexClone volumes to improve scalability and simplify management. NetApp FlexClone volumes can now be created from the VMware Horizon View management interface.

News Highlights:

  • Nonstop storage operations powered by clustered Data ONTAP provide the agility to use physical storage resources in a software-defined data center.
  • Two new solutions:
    • NetApp Storage Solution for VMware vCloud Suite
    • NetApp Storage Solution for VMware Horizon Suite
  • Greater scaling of VMware vCloud Suite and Horizon View through enhanced VAAI and VCAI integrations result in reduced infrastructure requirements and faster time to market.
  • Enterprise-level backup and recovery with NetApp Snap Creator and space-efficient Snapshot backups and data protection for VMware vCloud and Horizon Workspace.
  • Industry-leading storage saving technologies for production, backup, and archiving of VMs and vApps provided by thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, and FlexClone technology.
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