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NetJapan Releases Two Editions of ActiveImage Protector Disk-Based Imaging Backup/Disaster Recovery Solutions Optimized for Hyper-V Virtual Environments

NetJapan, Inc. announces “ActiveImage Protector 3.5 for Hyper-V with SHR” and “ActiveImage Protector 3.5 for Hyper-V Enterprise” (AIP), disk-based imaging backup and disaster recovery solutions with three new, groundbreaking features.

  1. Seamless Hot Restore (SHR): In the event of a VM crash or failure, SHR can quickly start a VM from an image backup while simultaneously restoring the same VM into the Hyper-V environment. SHR provides instantaneous VM recovery without impacting production.
  2. Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC): Inline data deduplication compression improves backup performance and reduces storage requirements by eliminating duplicate data during the backup process.
  3. CSVFS (Cluster Shared Volume File System, Server 2012+) Backup: AIP 3.5 for Hyper-V Enterprise has built in support for backing up clustered virtual environments without the need for costly software agents present on each virtual machine.

ActiveImage Protector 3.5 for Hyper-V Enterprise is a powerful backup and disaster recovery solution that supports high-end clustered environments with CSVFS volumes. ActiveImage Protector 3.5 for Hyper-V with SHR is a revolutionary new backup and disaster recovery solution that is designed and optimized for the protection of small-scale Hyper-V virtual environments.


ActiveImage Protector software and support are available in Japanese and U.S. English. NetJapan distributes AIP 3.5 for Hyper-V with SHR and AIP 3.5 for Hyper-V Enterprise through authorized system integrators, business partners, distributors, online shops and direct via BizNetJapan (

Published Tuesday, February 26, 2013 6:31 PM by David Marshall
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