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SolarWinds' Galactic Throwdown Claims Its First Fallen; Champions to Take Up Arms for Fleet 16

The dust has settled and the initial round of the SolarWinds Sci-Fi Bracket Battle has come to a close, with each match-up crowning a clear victor. More than 3,800 votes were cast as galvanized fan bases rabidly defended their chosen icons... but the battle is only beginning, as Fleet 16 voting is now open in SolarWinds' thwack community!

Before moving onto a fresh slate of brawls, let us remember some of the fallen from Sector I:

  • Captain James Tiberius, defeated at the hands of Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Sarah Conner, smacked down by Firefly's River Tam
  • Darth Vader, erased from the space-time continuum by the fickle will of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Q

Though jettisoned into geosynchronous orbit around Planet Fail, their brave sacrifices should not be forgotten... though they probably will be, as blood-hungry fans look ahead to some of the titillating match-ups set for Fleet 16. But the rules have changed for the second round, as the surviving icons will each be allowed one of their (in)famous items, be it a tool, weapon, vehicle or skill.

One step closer to the crowning of the Bracket Battle's Intergalactic Champion, Fleet 16 features several key bouts between illustrious, now armed-and-dangerous, combatants, including:

So who will take the next step towards the crown and whose corpse/carcass/corrupted data will fuel the ever-hungry engines of the SolarWinds battlefleet?

As always, you decide -- read, debate and vote on thwack, with the polls open now until 12 PM Central Daylight Time on March 20, 2013. Back your champion on thwack and take the debate to Twitter and Facebook with #SWISciFiBattle -- let the world know that your champion will reign supreme!

The Details:

  • Fleet 16 voting starts now on thwack
  • Voting will remain open until12 PM Central Daylight Time on March 20, 2013
  • Fleet 16 results will be announced and Super-8 voting will kick off on12 AM Central Daylight Time on March 21, 2013
Published Tuesday, March 19, 2013 6:47 AM by David Marshall
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