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Sony Has No Experience Building a Secure Cloud Service

Sony's recent announcement about the launch of its PS4 gaming system has game fans buzzing about its many reported features. From incredible speeds and amazing graphics to easy access with other gamers, the PS4 is poised to be a major seller. But one of the features that Sony is touting as helping to set the PS4 apart from other gaming systems has many people concerned about identity theft and other serious security issues. 

Going to the Clouds

Sony announced that the PS4 will be a Cloud-based gaming system, according to the Examiner, which also mentioned Sony has no experience in creating this type of network. The company is already known for struggling with security issues and, by asserting that they will put all of their games on the Cloud, it opens it up to even more potential problems.

Shared Experiences

Because the PS4 promises a sharing function that allows easy access to other gamers, International Business Times noted that other players may be able to see much more than just a high score or how a player managed to defeat a particularly difficult digital bad guy. On the PS4's DualShock 4 controller, players can share their gaming experience to their online profiles. This, the article cautioned, can cause players to have issues with their online privacy. A gamer's entire PS4 community will automatically include everyone in a player's social network with personal profiles.

Not So Fast

Unfortunately, Sony's track record for online security issues is not the greatest. A few years ago, the entire PlayStation Network fell victim to hackers, and well over 70 million gamers had at least some of their data compromised, including email addresses and personal credit card accounts. Sony eventually ended up offering free identity protection for its users when its PS3 system went down in 2011.

With identity theft becoming so common, these very real issues are causing understandable concern with people who are otherwise excited about open sharing and playing games with other people. Because of these potential issues with security, what could be one of the most technologically advanced and fastest gaming systems ever may make its debut with consumers already concerned about their security. Unless Sony comes up with a way to keep everyone's data secure, this could cause definite problems for the company, the IBT article said.

Despite the security enhancements Sony will come up with to contend with the problems that are inherent to the PS4, no game console will ever be completely safe from security problems. As games become more digitally-based, hackers will have even more opportunities to gain access to personal data and compromise their online security.

This Better Be Good

However, as the Examiner article points out, if Sony can make the PS4 gaming system as secure as possible, they will go a long way in reassuring nervous gamers that their identity and personal information will not be compromised. Using Gei Kei technology to help boost its network and offer consumers an operating platform that is more secure is a great first step for Sony to take.

Published Wednesday, March 20, 2013 6:18 AM by David Marshall
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