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Cyber Innovation Labs & NEC's Cloud in a Vault: A Key Enabler of Next-Generation 'Big Data' Analytics

Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), a premier enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, and NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of innovative IT, biometrics, network, and communications products and solutions, today announce the utilization of Cloud in a Vault (CiaV) for the deployment of next-generation "big data" solutions.

The explosion of big data has resonated throughout virtually every business initiative across all verticals.  Whether they are healthcare organizations enhancing efficiency and quality of patient services or financial firms assessing risk and forecasting market trends, companies worldwide utilize big data for predictive analytics.  While the phenomenon has limitless applications, the support of such massive and often complex data sets requires reliable and cost-effective computing support complete with ample storage capabilities and elasticity.

CiaV is a 100% dedicated, fully managed, and scalable private cloud offering that combines NEC’s Nblock™ integrated IT infrastructure with security, compliance and monitoring in a hosted environment.  CiaV enables organizations to quickly and easily align business projects with infrastructure costs by allowing them to consume only the infrastructure they need,   incurring only monthly operational expenses and zero capital expenses for equipment.  Ideal for the processing, delivery and archiving of big data sets, CiaV provides organizations with access to resources on-demand.

"Cloud in a Vault not only addresses the big data demands of companies within the financial, healthcare, legal, government and educational verticals, but also fulfills their requirements for enterprise security, audit, compliance, ease of use, interoperability, and budget," says Jack Pressman, CEO and Managing Director of Cyber Innovation Labs. "CiaV plays a critical role in the capture, storage and retrieval of big data sets, enabling organizations to make informed, mission-critical business decisions by providing them with streamlined access to their data.   CiaV Big Data provides a scalable, high availability platform for 1 PB to 100 PB Big Data applications at zero CAPEX.  It is a fully managed OPEX that delivers a cost per PB below industry comparable products."

Coupled with the scalability and high-performance capabilities of the platform, CiaV also leverages NEC technology to enable the reliable storage and efficient recovery of large and complex data sets, even within geographically dispersed, multi-site enterprise deployments and disaster recovery situations.

"Cloud in a Vault offers optimal recovery capabilities by leveraging NEC's proven SAN-based architecture and Software Defined Networking (SDN) product family - even during natural or human-induced disaster scenarios," adds William Michael, Director of Business Development for NEC Corporation of America. "Traditional platforms require manual intervention in order to enable the recovery and use of data sets in a disaster situation.  With Cloud in a Vault, disaster recovery is already inherent in the platform, enabling instantaneous access to that data."

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Published Thursday, March 21, 2013 7:02 AM by David Marshall
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Cyber Innovation Labs & NEC’s Cloud in a Vault: A Key Enabler of Next-Generation ‘Big Data’ Analytics - (Author's Link) - March 25, 2013 1:09 AM
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