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Netsocket Unveils Industry's First End-to-End Completely Virtualized SDN Solution

Netsocket, a technology leader in virtualized, software-defined networking, today announced its flagship Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN) product suite, delivering on the promise of software-defined networking (SDN) with powerful, robust orchestration and automation applications running on a completely virtualized network infrastructure. Additionally, Netsocket is announcing the availability of Netsocket Virtual Network Early Experience Edition, which is downloadable today for free.

The Netsocket Virtual Network is an SDN framework for network virtualization and advanced automation. A fully optimized, automated and cost-effective network, the NVN solution is comprised of a complete, three-tier SDN architecture – providing end-to-end virtual networking, centralized orchestration and automation, and superior interoperability and integration with legacy routed networks as well as higher level management systems such as Microsoft System Center.

The Netsocket Virtual Network delivers:

  • Flexibility of configuration and management, enabling the adoption of automated orchestration and next generation management user interfaces and APIs;
  • Seamless legacy network interoperability, achieved through intrinsic routing capability in the controller, allowing an ‘at-your-pace’ network migration path;
  • Commoditization of switching functions, eliminating the need for any network hardware other than commodity layer 2 switches and off-the-shelf x86 servers; and
  • Automated networking through NVN applications that are network configuration and operational state ‘aware,’ and capable of adaptively monitoring and controlling underlying network services.

The NVN suite is completely software-based, targeting commodity x86 virtual server platforms. Netsocket’s vision enables enterprises to cap their purchases of expensive and complicated proprietary routers and layer 3 switches and begin to migrate towards an agile software-based network infrastructure that relies only on commodity servers and inexpensive layer 2 switches. Although capital expenditure and operating expenditure cost savings are substantial, what’s more significant is that the NVN solution provides considerable new agility to meet the needs of the cloud and virtual datacenter through advanced automation and optimization, as well as the ability to offer new responsive services based on the capability to create networks in just minutes.

"The NVN portfolio is the culmination of Netsocket's vision to provide application aware, rich network visibility and the virtualized network resources required to automatically anticipate, isolate and remediate problems in the network," said John White, President and CEO of Netsocket. "The NVN portfolio provides customers with an SDN migration strategy that has practical use cases as well as enterprise-wide deployability."

The networking elements of NVN include the vFlowController and vFlowSwitch. The vFlowController is an industry first with an intrinsic ability to natively interoperate with legacy networks through vRouter, vTunnel and vFirewall components. To encourage the adoption of virtual networking and expedite the path to advanced centralized management, orchestration and automation capabilities, Netsocket provides these components at no cost.

NVN also includes two applications. vNetCommander is the centralized management system for NVN and handles automated installation, provisioning and orchestration of the network. vNetOptimizer is a next generation virtualized version of Netsocket’s Cloud Experience Manager service assurance product, and will provide for real-time network service analytics, automation and optimization of the network.

With this unique approach to network virtualization and SDN, Netsocket is redefining the way in which networks are installed, deployed, managed, and maintained – transforming the network into a highly competitive business asset that is radically more responsive to the changing business needs of organizations.

Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corporation, a strategic consulting firm specializing in telecom and data communications states that “existing SDN solutions haven’t recognized that operationalization of virtual networks cannot be done the same way as in the physical world. The proliferation of virtual devices and endpoints facilitated by virtual networking absolutely demands management automation. The network simply can��t be managed without it. Netsocket’s solution has finally emerged as an architecture for a true virtual network infrastructure with the necessary automation applications to manage it."

The Early Experience Edition of Netsocket Virtual Network is available today for free, and new features will continue to be incorporated throughout this quarter. The Early Experience version includes the vFlowController, the vFlowSwitch, and the vNetCommander-BASIC application. vNetCommander-BASIC allows for the creation and management of fully functional small networks in just minutes, demonstrating the power of NVN’s orchestration capability.

“We know of no other vendor that has chosen to commoditize the layer 2/3 network components and base its business model entirely on the applications that make managing and scaling the network easy – unifying the network management, centralizing orchestration, performing real-time service analytics and ultimately providing automation and optimization of the network,” commented Sterling Perrin, senior analyst, Heavy Reading.

Users can download the Netsocket Virtual Network Early Experience Edition today at

Published Monday, July 08, 2013 5:50 PM by David Marshall
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