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Q&A with Shaun Coleman of CloudVolumes, Talking Virtual State Solution and Dell Wyse Technology

I recently sat down with Shaun Coleman, co-founder and vice president of products and marketing at CloudVolumes, regarding their recent partnership announcement with Dell Cloud Computing.  

VMblog:  We last spoke during Citrix Synergy 2013 about your solutions, but before we dive into the details of this announcement, can you provide our readers with a general overview of the company?

Shaun Coleman:  CloudVolumes was founded in 2011 with the goal to redefine application and data management in a virtualized world, eliminating per VM management, installation and migration.  We focus on creating enterprise class solutions for instant workload management (IWM) solutions that can take full advantage of virtualization, support legacy applications, eliminate the need to package or modify applications, and work with existing policies and management solutions in the data center and public/private clouds by virtualizing everything above the OS.

VMblog:  Congratulations on your partnership with Dell Cloud Computing. What advantages does it bring to IT?

Coleman:  Our partnership with Dell allows for the most recent version of Dell Wyse WSM, a desktop and application virtualization software, to include a new server provisioning capability that allows organizations to harness the benefits of virtualization on their physical servers. The CloudVolumes solution helps bridge the virtualization gap by managing both physical and virtual servers in the same way. Dynamic deployment of workloads, including applications, services, data and settings, as well as in-place updating and patching of server applications can now be seamlessly and instantly applied to running physical and virtual servers.

VMblog:  Tell us more about your virtual state solution and what it brings to Dell Wyse WSM OS streamed servers?

Coleman:  By applying a virtual state to servers, our solution enables IT to dynamically change server roles within seconds. Servers will no longer need to be dedicated to a single static task. When used with shared storage, CloudVolumes can provide significant savings on the storage required because it allows up to thousands of servers to share a single workload or application. These capabilities enable the latest version of Dell Wyse WSM to change the identity and nature of physical and virtual servers instantly allowing for server pooling similar to how pooling works today with non-persistent virtual desktops, and VDI. We're essentially providing the benefits of virtualization without the management and resources associated with it.

VMblog:  So explain if you will, what is the benefit of this new partnership?

Coleman:  We are delivering a new way to manage servers. CloudVolumes provides the ability for enterprises to inject a virtual state into any server, giving IT the ability to manage both physical and virtual servers in the same way and change their roles on demand. By incorporating this feature onto Dell Wyse WSM OS streamed servers, we simplify how servers can be managed, while continuing to operate current workloads.

VMblog:  Looking forward, what can we expect from CloudVolumes?

Coleman:  CloudVolumes' enterprise class products will continue to find new ways to help IT reduce management complexity and cost. Our recently announced partnership with Dell Cloud Computing validates our solution and the benefits our products can bring to the enterprise. We also have products for desktops and the cloud, and you can expect to see continued innovation and future partnerships with key industry players.


Once again, thanks to Shaun Coleman, co-founder and VP of Products and Marketing at CloudVolumes.

Published Monday, July 22, 2013 6:31 AM by David Marshall
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