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FSLogix Unveils New Technology for Desktop Application Visibility

Founded by industry veterans Kevin Goodman and Randy Cook, FSLogix is a startup coming out of stealth mode at BriForum Chicago 2013. FSLogix Apps provides Dynamic Application Visibility, which enables policy-based control of when any application is visible to individual users or groups from a single golden image. With FSLogix Apps, IT administrators realize the benefits of application virtualization for all Windows applications on physical, VDI and Citrix/RDS platforms.

"FSLogix has recognized a critical need within the applications virtualization and management space," said Nigel Woods, a Desktop Transformation Consultant based in the UK. "The FSLogix approach of application visibility adds critical value to the application management process. After 15 years of consulting around application deployment, management and virtualization, I am really excited to see the unique, innovative technology that FSLogix has produced."

FSLogix Apps is a software agent installed on each client PC. Applications may be revealed or removed according to IT policy or administrator, regardless of whether they are virtual applications (VDI, Citrix or RDS) or physical desktop installations. This allows ultimate ease, flexibility and control in deploying applications for individual users, groups and departments.

The FSLogix Apps technology has key advantages:

  • Dynamic Application Visibility. Applications are deployed to all and revealed according to policy.
  • Native Application Performance. Since applications run natively, performance is not impacted. 
  • Supports all Windows Applications. Platforms can be VDI, Citrix/RDS or physical desktops.
  • No Need to Sequence or Package Applications. Since applications run natively, there is no need to sequence or package. Consequently, all applications, including applications with device drivers, are supported (i.e. iTunes, Adobe Acrobat, Citrix and View clients).
  • Compatible with Existing Application Virtualization Solutions. Complements existing solutions especially for applications that cannot be virtualized.
  • Citrix/RDS Silo Consolidation. A single silo can contain all virtualized and remote applications for all users.
  • Multiple Application Versions in the Same Image. Application versions reside in the image and are assigned to individual users.
  • Time-to-Deploy Drastically Reduced. Since no packaging is required, FSLogix Apps can be installed onto existing servers and systems for quick deployment.
  • Simplified Image Management. A single image can contain all versions of all applications for all users.
  • Easy License Management. Applications can be revealed or removed in accordance with license requirements.
  • Compatible with Application Management Systems. Can be used with solutions from a variety of vendors, including Altiris Client Management Suite or Microsoft System Center.
  • Reveal When Ready™. Applications can be fully tested and revealed after training or announcement. If the deployment has a problem, applications can be instantly removed from view.

FSLogix Apps is able to remove or reveal any version of any application on any image for any user in the organization. Users and applications can be selected individually or by group according to IT policy. FSLogix Apps beta software is available today. For more information, please visit

Published Tuesday, July 30, 2013 7:11 AM by David Marshall
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