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Embotics Releases vCommander 5.0 Announces New Cloud Service Broker Platform Coming 2014

Embotics, a leading provider of Cloud Management Software, officially announced today the pending release of vCommander 5.0—available on Monday, August 26, 2013, at the VMworld event in San Francisco, CA.

The new and vastly enhanced version of Embotics’ flagship software fully enables users to consume both public and private cloud within the business environment. Additionally, the company has also announced the scheduled release of its new Cloud Service Broker (CSB) Platform, enabling ITaaS with enterprise capabilities for the mid-market—completely changing the way that companies enable and consume cloud services.

The release of vCommander 5.0 is a precursor to Embotics’ new CSB Platform—Version 5.0 introduces preliminary functionality that enables the consumption of data from a variety of platforms. With an emphasis on business empowerment at all levels, Version 5.0 now supports external cloud provisioning with Amazon, coupled with soon to follow support for additional public cloud providers.

The new CSB platform—anticipated to be released to select partners later this year, with public beta coming early 2014—will comprehensively combine business intelligence and analytics with a multitude of features to provide resellers, system integrators and their customers the ability to consume enterprise ITaaS.

“The release of our forthcoming platform will be a tremendous step forward for those businesses that wish to implement enterprise level ITaaS,” said Michael L. Torto, Embotics CEO. “Capabilities within the platform will include full integration with external systems using robust APIs, support full process automation, complete multi-tier/tenant portal capabilities, as well as both on-premise and SaaS based solutions. Platform users will be given the ability to understand, model, and predict impact while making intelligent recommendations for rightsizing based on the factors that make business sense.”

With this new class of data being generated by a huge array of sources such as web servers, machines and systems of all types, the need for an agnostic view while enabling teams to consume familiar tools and interfaces has become evident.

John Ross, Embotics CTO commented, “vCommander 5.0 focuses on the ability to optimize the current environment to make sure costs are in line, and then to help recommend changes that would show value in both cost savings and the ability to deploy new services.” He continued, “The goal is to allow businesses to confidently expand their estate to consume hybrid environments without the complexity associated with hybrid IT, ultimately enabling the consumption of resources on demand and ‘as a service.’ vCommander 5.0 will offer functionality across business audiences to achieve desired business goals.”

For architects and engineers, the cloud management software will provide more accurate data relating to the consumption of resources. Embotics has focused on extending the sources of data to include rightsizing, SLA, and performance—not only from the VM itself, but more specifically the service as a whole. The integration of ecosystem partners such as SPLUNK is the first step in enabling larger amounts of data to be included for platform comparison—delivering in-depth analyses and reporting capabilities as they relate to performance, cost and governance.

Concerning DevOps, Embotics has focused on adding capabilities that allow the free consumption of on-demand resources. There are also many specific technical enhancements including fully automated fencing and integrated quota management—the equivalent functionality to VMware’s Lab Manager. However, beyond VMware’s offering, Embotics now enables the functionality cross-hypervisor and cross-cloud so that VMware, Hyper-V hypervisors, and Amazon EC2 can be consumed based on workload requirements, capacity availability, quotas and costs.

For the executive, all these features are designed to enable the transition to a full ITaaS ecosystem. It is this focus, along with the ability to create an accurate economic view of the virtual estate, that will enable those involved to make accurate decisions based on real-time data.

Once implemented, ITaaS will immediately translate to superior operational functionality—providing enhanced experiences to customers both internally and externally as the business adopts and evolves to the era of advanced cloud computing.

For more information regarding the release of vCommander 5.0, or Embotics new Cloud Service Broker Platform, visit

Published Thursday, August 15, 2013 6:46 PM by David Marshall
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