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SimpliVity Launches Next Generation OmniCube, Bolstering Functionality and Extending Market Reach of the World's Most Efficient IT Infrastructure Platform

Today, SimpliVity introduces the second generation of its award-winning OmniCube—the world’s most efficient and functionally rich IT infrastructure platform—thus taking another major step in advancing the data center revolution that it began with the introduction of OmniCube last year.

OmniCube is a 2U rack mounted system that assimilates the core data center infrastructure functions of server, storage and networking in addition to a wide range of advanced functionality that otherwise is only delivered by numerous disparate appliances and software packages: native VM-level backup, WAN optimization, bandwidth efficient replication for DR, cache accelerated performance, and cloud integration. OmniStack, the core technology that powers OmniCube, enables the delivery of this broad scope of functionality at a fraction of the cost of the traditional infrastructure stack, by leveraging three breakthrough innovations:

  • The Virtual Resource Assimilator, which enables the intelligent pooling and sharing of the underlying hardware to create an elastic, massively scalable pool of x86 resources
  • The Data Virtualization Engine, which performs inline deduplication, compression, and optimization of all data within an OmniCube Federation, enabling extreme efficiency in the use of resources, and resulting in data that is highly mobile
  • The Global Federated Architecture, which enables an intelligent network of geographically distributed, collaborative systems

“Information Technology allows us to maintain a significant competitive advantage in the market,” said Steve Schaff, CTO of oil and gas company, Francis Drilling Fluids. “OmniCube is a perfect fit for our infrastructure because it allows us to improve our levels of data protection and disaster recovery capabilities, while significantly reducing our costs. The simplification of our IT environment, coupled with the cost savings, allow us to further invest in the applications that run the business.”

Fueled by the market adoption of OmniCube this year, SimpliVity is currently experiencing explosive growth across all dimensions--revenue, customer base, channel partners, geographies, and use cases –as customers recognize OmniCube’s ability to simultaneously improve IT operations and levels of service while achieving significant cost savings.

OmniCube’s second generation delivers significant new capabilities and advancements to support SimpliVity’s rapidly growing customer base. Powered by major updates to its core OmniStack, the company has extended OmniCube’s market reach simultaneously in two directions, and increased the number of offerings in its portfolio from one to four. In addition to extending its existing CN-3000 with two options for CPU core counts, as well as larger capacity SSD drives, SimpliVity has introduced the two following new OmniCube models:

  • CN-2000, a platform optimized for smaller IT environments or remote office environments
  • CN-5000, a platform optimized for ultra-high performance application environments

OmniStack, continues to power all three models offered by the company. Each model provides the same core feature set with the only difference occurring in the hardware specifications—CPU cores, memory, SSD and HDD capacities--thus demonstrating that OmniStack is the only technology flexible enough to power all modern virtualized environments today, from very small sites with a handful of VMs and a few TBs of capacity requirements, up through the world’s largest enterprise cloud providers.

Detailed specifications and datasheets are available at

Enterprise Strategy Group recently completed an extensive testing project to validate OmniCube’s capabilities. “ESG Lab’s hands-on testing of an OmniCube Global Federation has confirmed that SimpliVity has taken a novel and differentiable approach to solving the complexity, performance and availability problems associated with delivering enterprise-class IT services,” said Brian Garrett, VP ESG Lab, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Our testing not only confirmed that OmniCube is extremely simple to deploy and manage, but that it’s amazingly cost effective as it improves data protection and scales to meet the performance needs of the business. Excellent performance scalability was measured as OmniCubes were added to a Global Federation in a virtual server environment with a mix of common IT business application workloads and impressive performance of more than a million IOs per second was achieved with 40 OmniCubes.”

“SimpliVity’s OmniCube is the culmination of the simplification of data centers – far beyond what traditional converged infrastructure vendors have offered so far,” said Jerome Boulon, VP of Sales with French reseller Miel. “The combination of server and storage functionality with SimpliVity’s deduplication, compression, and optimization technology makes OmniCube a unique approach, and delivers a solution from one single vendor, guaranteeing a far higher level of support, management and performance."

“We are very pleased with the momentum of the business,” said Doron Kempel, CEO of the company. “OmniCube has achieved wide global adoption, from small and mid-sized companies to some of the largest companies in the world. We are witnessing a revolution in IT, as the need for simplified IT is ubiquitous. This release demonstrates our ability to meet this need by bringing the value of OmniStack into additional environments by delivering numerous form-factors.”

Significant Feature and Functionality Enhancements to OmniStack:

  • OmniCube Cloud: Significant improvements have been made to the native cloud connectivity feature delivered that allows the customer to connect an Amazon “Cloud Node” to the OmniCube Federation, providing an efficient target for DR for VMs within the primary data centers. Updates include significant improvements to performance, usability, enhanced user tunable parameters (including enhanced scheduling and bandwidth throttling), and improved bandwidth utilization.
  • OmniStack Accelerator 2: The OmniStack Accelerator is SimpliVity’s specially designed PCIe card that allows OmniCube to deliver inline deduplication and compression on all data as it hits the system while maintaining the high performance that enterprise production environments demand. The new version packs more punch in performance, significantly increases overall system reliability, and increases the number of potential platforms that OmniStack can support over time.
  • OmniCube Software 2.1: Updates to user functionality are delivered by OmniCube software. Version 2 includes significant improvements to usability, serviceability, and includes several customer-requested features or certifications, including support for VMware’s VAAI.
  • Certification and Validations: The release also includes 3rd party certification for VDI support from Citrix for Xen Desktop. The release is also accompanied by extensive 3rd party application testing which exemplifies OmniCube’s exceptional performance across a range of scenarios.
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