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Would Your Data Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Contributed by Robert J. Payne, Product Marketing Manager, PHD Virtual

Would your systems come back online? It's a legitimate question. Biological contaminations, neurotoxins, even nanobots - we live in a scary world. Something is eventually going to turn us into mindless, emotionless creatures, and when it does, the last thing on your mind is probably your data. But maybe it shouldn't be?

If there's one thing the movie world has taught us, it's that, humanity survives. Civilization survives, albeit usually a shell of its former self. But life does go on. And when it does, are you confident your data will have survived? Are you confident that when the military starts letting civilians back into our cities and towns, you'll be able to bring your systems back online, quickly  If not, it's an interesting point to ponder. Why? Quite simply, there is a competitive advantage to be gained.

By definition, destruction creates opportunity. Opportunity to provide goods and services that traditional bodies (ie government) used to provide, but now cannot. And opportunities to provide other things that were not even required, quite possibly not even relevant, prior to the zombie apocalypse. And who exactly is going to be in a position to provide these things? Reason dictates it's the companies who are in a position to come back online quickly, and haven't suffered major data loss.

That's why at VMworld 2013, PHD Virtual is asking this very question: Would your data survive? Will your systems come back online? If so, how? How fast? And most importantly (yet extremely underrated) - have you tested this process? Do you verify on an ongoing basis that your BC/DR plan is sound? The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared when patient 0 is infected.

That's why, starting on Sunday August 25th through Wednesday August 28th, stop by booth 2425 (near the refueling station) to connect with PHD Virtual, discuss your plan, and learn about the Recovery Management Suite, the latest advancement in data protection and disaster recovery assurance from PHD Virtual. The Recovery Management Suite encompasses 3 key tools every organization needs to ensure not just protection in the event of a disaster, but protection for every recovery situation, from the spectacular, to the mundane. 




PHD Virtual Backup - The #1 virtual backup appliance for VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V

PHD Virtual CloudHook - A seamless and painless link to cloud storage for backup, archiving and DR

PHD Virtual ReliableDR - Automating the DR process, and reducing the cost and complexity of failover, failback and testing

Combined they offer the ultimate solution to guarantee recovery and data protection across the spectrum. To learn more stop by booth 2425. You might even get to meet a real life zombie :)


 -- Robert J. Payne, Product Marketing Manager, PHD Virtual - @phillybobpayne 

Published Friday, August 23, 2013 7:00 AM by David Marshall
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