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Condusiv Technologies' V-locity VM Acceleration Software Hits Industry Milestone with over 1000 Virtualization Customers

Condusiv Technologies, the leader in high-performance software optimizing technology, people and businesses, today announced that its V-locity VM acceleration software solution has quickly amassed one of the largest virtualization followings with over 1000 midmarket and large enterprise customers.

V-locity acceleration software allows IT organizations to go substantially faster in virtualized environments, improving application performance by 50% without the cost of new or additional hardware. V-locity VM includes Condusiv's IntelliMemory and IntelliWrite technologies to optimize reads and writes via dynamic server-side caching on available solid-state resources, and the prevention of split I/Os that occur when a file is typically broken into pieces before write, which also penalizes subsequent reads.

"We are extremely pleased to have surpassed our 1000th V-locity VM customer. Virtual environments, cloud services, mobile devices, and Big Data all contribute to the rise in digital information that organizations must manage. Data must be efficiently utilized to drive value for an organization's competitive advantage," said Jerry Baldwin, CEO of Condusiv Technologies. "CIOs find themselves investing as much as 80% of their annual IT budget on maintaining existing IT infrastructure and services. V-locity customers typically see 50% or more performance gains on their most I/O intensive applications like virtual desktops, SQL and Exchange, streaming media, web applications, and web servers. That gain also comes with a very unique proposition–a savings of 80–90% from their hardware capital expense budget to achieve those performance levels. At the end of the day, the CIO is able to free up 80% with this savings to reinvest in innovative technologies, new markets, or add to the bottom line."

According to IDC, the I/O problem stems, in part, from the fact that while the number of virtual machine shipments is growing at an average of 25% annually, the number of physical servers shipped is growing at a modest 2–3%. As more workloads are put on virtual servers and heavier workloads are placed on physical servers, this can triple or quadruple the amount of random I/O generated from a single server, burdening the compute infrastructure. Increasingly, the storage controller and disk architectures cannot keep pace with this growing random I/O.

As a first step to I/O optimization, V-locity VM eliminates nearly all unnecessary I/O operations at the operating system level by ensuring files are written as a single, contiguous file, which in turn eliminates all unnecessary I/O operations on subsequent reads. Second, V-locity VM caches frequently accessed data within available server memory without resource contention to the application to keep read requests from traveling the full distance to storage and back.

With V-locity at the top of the technology stack, optimizing I/O at the point of origin, this means only productive I/O is pushed through the server, network and storage. This approach to I/O optimization compliments technologies that may already be running to promote IOPS or latency reduction, including SSDs, flash cards, and SAS. And since I/O is optimized at the source, V-locity VM is network storage-agnostic, providing benefits to advanced storage features like snapshots, replication, thin provisioning and deduplication.

Thought-leading Ingredient technology changes the game

Write I/O Optimization (IntelliWrite technology)

  • Eliminate unnecessary I/Os caused by the Windows OS splitting files into multiple write requests
  • I/O traffic is optimized before entering server, network and storage
  • Proactively provides I/O benefit to advanced storage features

Read I/O Optimization (IntelliMemory technology)

  • Reduce I/O bottlenecks by intelligently caching active data
  • Based on usage and time, V-locity's self-learning intelligence dynamically caches data ahead of time on available server resources
  • Server-side caching eliminates unnecessary I/O traffic and greatly improves response time by 50%

V-locity VM acceleration software is a ground-breaking solution for NAS and SAN network storage applications. As much as typical customers may see 50% or more performance gains, Condusiv Technologies will guarantee a minimum of 25% performance boost on virtual machines, OR THE SOFTWARE IS FREE!

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Published Monday, August 26, 2013 8:38 AM by David Marshall
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