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Continuity Software 2014 Predictions - Best Practices Verification and Compliance Automation to Become Top Priority in 2014

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Contributed article by Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO, Continuity Software

Best Practices Verification and Compliance Automation to Become Top Priority in 2014

Verifying and complying with best practices across an entire IT environment has never been more challenging.  Today, virtually every enterprise data center is composed of a vast array of heterogeneous technologies from a host of different vendors, with each providing its own highly detailed Best Practices guide.  It is almost impossible for any IT team to keep up with the reams of pages of frequently updated information. To compound matters, data is now being distributed and shared across physical, virtual and cloud environments spanning the globe.

But, it gets even more complicated.  Most enterprise data centers have separate teams responsible for each core IT area, with each team applying a continuous stream of routine changes (i.e., configuration changes, tech additions/upgrades, etc...).  Every time a change is made, a mistake can happen and go undetected.  Each mistake, even the most seemingly trivial errors, has the potential to cause a significant problem that carries catastrophic IT and/or overall business ramifications. 

Some of the higher profile examples of critical breakdowns in IT operations over the past year include: American Airlines grounding flights due to a software glitch that affected primary and backup systems, the French government's accounts payable system going down for four days after an outage and China's Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) being paralyzed for nearly an hour after an outage.  One need only read the news on any given day to know that these types of occurrences are not uncommon.  Yet, these service disruptions are not just inconvenient for customers or career-killers for IT executives, they cost companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue, fees/penalties, and irrecoverable customer loyalty. 

In 2014, service disruption risk management will top the C-suite's priority list.  The C-suite will consequently become more directly involved in assuring that the business is fully protected from the possibility of even minor incidents of downtime and/or data loss.  And, as the C-suite becomes more intimately involved in guaranteeing the ongoing availability of business services and the uncompromised protection of data, they will demand solutions that ensure comprehensive end-to-end protection.   

In 2014, solutions that top the short list will provide: 
  • Automatic daily verification of best practices across the entire IT infrastructure
  • Continuous validation that configuration changes do not introduce downtime and/or data loss risks
  • Impact review of configuration changes prior to deployment

The top solutions will also address the key foundational areas of any company's business continuity and data protection strategy, including: back-up/disaster recovery (DR), high availability (HA) clusters, storage area networks (SAN), and of course - cloud. 

And, I do have one last prediction for 2014 that will likely become the mantra for the most successful IT and C-level executives ...  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


About the Author

Gil Hecht has been serving as CEO of Continuity Software since he founded the company in 2005. He is responsible for building Continuity's leadership in the Service Availability Management space and establishing the vision for the company. Before founding Continuity Software, Gil was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Savantis Systems, the leading provider of database virtualization solutions. Previously, Gil was the Vice President of Business Development at Aladdin Knowledge Security. Gil originally joined Aladdin as R&D Manager, and was responsible for the conception and development of several successful commercial products.  

Published Friday, December 06, 2013 3:38 PM by David Marshall
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