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VCE 2014 Predictions - The unified, autonomic, flash-based, big data future of converged infrastructure

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Contributed article by Trey Layton, VP, Chief Technology Officer at VCE

The unified, autonomic, flash-based, big data future of converged infrastructure

Converged infrastructure will continue to be at the heart of every data center conversation in 2014. A trend of accelerated innovation in data center-centric technologies will continue, enabling more capabilities in cloud operating models for customers around the world. And although there will be further hypervisor diversification, standardization on cloud management technologies will increase, bringing a renewed focus on the rich portfolio of VMware virtualization and cloud management technologies.

Customers will expand their converged infrastructure deployments and require the ability to seamlessly move application workloads between converged system boundaries within data centers and geographically separated facilities. Customers will expect capabilities to manage converged infrastructure systems as a unified pool of resources versus separate islands of stranded capacity. While the technologies have existed at a component level for some time, the complexity and manual nature of implementation will be abstracted through converged infrastructures. These capabilities will be enabled by intellectual property, created specifically for converged infrastructure, harmonizing the advancements in capabilities and integration of server virtualization, storage virtualization and multi-tenant network virtualization technologies.

In 2014, the data center automation and management conversation will finally shift from a complex service-heavy recipe of numerous, loosely-stitched software technologies to a more tightly integrated knowledge fabric, aware of components and how systems are integrated against a series of tested standards. This will pave the way for automation capabilities that will enable converged infrastructure systems to self-optimize based on the workload in flight and the resources available for use within the system.

As flash technologies infiltrate every aspect of IT, new computational performance boundaries will be realized and non-x86 workloads will accelerate their transition to Intel-based platforms. This accelerated transition of mission critical applications to x86 will simultaneously spawn new application modernization initiatives. It will once again shift the tectonic plates of computing investments, expanding the total addressable market for converged infrastructures.

The accelerated investment in Hadoop architectures and deepening competition in distributions from Pivotal, Hortonworks, Cloudera and others will drive infrastructure investments that transition from direct attached storage to scale-out storage supporting Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Customers who operationalize or test multiple distributions will not want their data footprint isolated to a particular distribution, but centralized and accessible between distributions. This trend will enable new infrastructure architectures to optimize for big data workloads and integrate resource sharing of traditional and big data optimized workloads.

The pace of innovation within IT is accelerating dramatically and the overlap of these innovations are creating integration synergies that will enable IT organizations to transition from operational chaos to systematic operations with greater performance, scalability and reliability.


About the Author

Trey Layton is VP, Chief Technology Officer at VCE. Trey has been in the technology industry for over 20 years and is responsible for product strategy and innovation at VCE.
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