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Sclera introduces Analytics Virtualization Software to Democratize Advanced Analytics

Sclera, Inc. announces the launch of ScleraDB, the industry's first analytics virtualization software. ScleraDB directly addresses the challenges an IT organization faces while implementing analytics applications.

Moving to analytics requires developing a whole new set of skills – learning new languages, new library APIs, and new architectures. Expertise is rare, and needs time to develop. For most organizations, this is the single biggest barrier to analytics adoption. Targeted towards busy business intelligence professionals, ScleraDB makes advanced analytics libraries such as Apache Mahout and Apache OpenNLP accessible through easy to use SQL extensions; they can now simply link ScleraDB to the data sources, and fire SQL queries that perform machine learning, text analytics, and more.

Analytics solutions available today have a tight coupling of their database system, analytics libraries, and even the reporting (visualization) interface. This is a compromise, since it is unlikely that a product is the best at each of the three. ScleraDB decouples applications from the underlying infrastructure. With ScleraDB, users can choose the infrastructure and libraries based on their needs. This choice does not affect how they write their queries or build their application.

ScleraDB works with "big data" technologies such as Apache HBase and Apache Mahout, as well as with less scalable, but more versatile, technologies such as Weka. In fact, ScleraDB can help users with vendor selection, enabling them to write their application first, and then pick the infrastructure that works best for their needs.

"Sclera is committed to simplifying the use of analytics -- this is just the first step," said Prasan Roy, Founder, Sclera Inc.

ScleraDB builds on more than a decade of database research and development expertise gained at Bell Labs, IBM Research, and Aster Data (acquired by Teradata in 2011 for US$ 263M). Earlier work by the team includes groundbreaking innovations such as Aster Data nPath and SQL/MapReduce, apart from more than 25 research publications and patents.

ScleraDB is available for a 30-day risk-free trial at . Paid subscriptions start at an introductory price of US$ 150/month or US$ 1500/year for the base package.

Published Friday, February 14, 2014 7:13 AM by David Marshall
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Sclera introduces Analytics Virtualization Software to Democratize Advanced Analytics : @VMblogcom

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