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CloudSigma Partners with CompatibleOne to Allow for a Unified View of Computing Environments Across Locations

CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it is partnering with CompatibleOne, an open source, cloud-aware software platform that enables organizations to operate as a Cloud Services Brokerage. Through the partnership, CloudSigma customers will now be able to securely manage their cloud environments at different locations, and across different cloud providers, via a single user interface, giving them better insight into how they provision their resources globally.

CloudSigma has always been dedicated to creating flexible, open computing environments that are driven by customers' needs, and this partnership with CompatibleOne reinforces that commitment even more. CloudSigma customers can provision processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources however they want, as well as deploy any operating system or application with full control. What's more, they can completely remove their data from the cloud at any given time at little or no cost, without worrying about vendor lock-in. Similarly, CompatibleOne, based on open source and open standards, protects companies from vendor lock-in and ensures they will always have the freedom to provision their workloads as best supports their business.

Today, if a company is using CloudSigma's cloud in Zurich and wants to expand into the Washington DC data center, they have to login and manage different user interfaces for different cloud geographies. Through the partnership with CompatibleOne, the customer can now view the environments at both locations from a single user interface. If a company is using clouds from Rackspace, Amazon, Joyent or others, they can see the servers in those environments simultaneously as well.

"CloudSigma's partnership with CompatibleOne aligns so nicely with our vision for more unified computing initiatives and demonstrates our commitment to genuine interoperability and data portability," said Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma. "For our customers to be able to log in and easily monitor via a single platform a transparent, comprehensive view all of their cloud servers, regardless of location or cloud provider, saves them time, resources and a ton of management headaches."

"CompatibleOne aims to support interoperability, portability, and reversibility in cloud computing services for the benefit of users," said Jean-Pierre Laisne, founder and CEO, CompatibleOne. "The cloud can only be truly open if you have open source technologies and open standards behind it, as well as other industry innovators promoting and investing in it. CloudSigma is a great example of one of those industry innovators, so we are really excited to partner with them and continue working toward a more advanced, open computing environment."

To leverage CloudSigma via CompatibleOne you must first have a CloudSigma account. CompatibleOne integrates directly with the CloudSigma API. To learn more about the partnership and how to sign up for a CloudSigma account, visit
Published Friday, February 28, 2014 6:36 AM by David Marshall
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