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Q&A: Interview with CloudVolume's Harry Labana Talking Latest Enhancements

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Harry Labana, the SVP and chief product officer at CloudVolumes.  CloudVolumes helps solve the complex management, scale, and performance problems with the cloud and virtualized data centers by virtualizing everything above the OS.  And the company recently put out a new update to help with that mission.

VMblog:  CloudVolumes recently announced an enhancement for VMware Horizon 6. Can you give us some details regarding the news?

Harry Labana:  We partnered with VMware on their ThinApp product a couple of months ago, and are looking forward to our continued engagement with them on Horizon 6. VMware Horizon 6 is a new update for VMware, as well, and will simplify desktop and application management, while increasing security and control for IT. CloudVolumes for Horizon will manage the entire lifecycle of an application from initial installation and updates, to seamless replacement for a broader set of workloads than is possible today with virtual desktop infrastructure, extending its reach.

VMblog:  What are some of the benefits to users and IT?

Labana:  With CloudVolumes for Horizon, users will experience persistent user experience, regardless of the desktop environment - persistent or non-persistent. Horizon 6 users will be able to install their own apps and then have those apps, settings and profiles roam with them. Users have the freedom to access desktops and applications from a variety of devices and locations.

IT on the other hand can also see enormous benefits with CloudVolumes for Horizon. They will be able to instantly provision services to any Horizon 6 desktop to enable a best in class user experience and will also be able to provision workloads into generic RDHS pools to eliminate the need for silos of application servers. IT can manage applications dynamically across multiple environments, devices, cloud and data centers, saving on costs like storage, networking and compute.

VMblog:  Can you highlight some of the specific product features of CloudVolumes for Horizon?

Labana:  CloudVolumes for Horizon provides a single platform and scales to multi-data centers, cloud and desktop as a service. It provisions desktops and servers to eliminate silos and effectively uses non-persistent virtual machines. It also supports desktop publishing with common apps across VMware VDI and RDSH.

Our goal was to simplify management for IT and users. It allows workloads to be delivered as a virtual appliance for immediate setup, test and deployment, and also provides the ability to update apps by adding volume that contains the changes.

Resource optimization is also a key benefit of CloudVolumes for Horizon. Through single copy storage of apps for vCenter wide availability, minimum use of network resources and native performance with no reduction of density and scale, we help organizations save on resources.

With VMware Horizon 6, we are providing an entirely new experience, which enables user-time-to-productivity with the help of a simplified virtual desktop manager for IT. It will enable business agility and continuity by provisioning apps to any generic virtual machine.

VMblog:  And when will it become available?

Labana:  CloudVolumes for Horizon will launch in Q2 2014 and at an introductory price of $49/user.

VMblog:  Is there any other information that you'd like to share with us?

Labana:  CloudVolumes' secret sauce is its virtualize above the OS technology which brings the benefits of virtualization to the broadest set of applications and workloads available today by abstracting applications, data and settings from the OS. This unique approach enables the instant delivery of a diverse set of applications and workloads across Windows, Linux, physical and virtual infrastructure. As a result, end user time to productivity is dramatically reduced for the services they need, enabling a user experience with virtual desktop infrastructure that has not been possible until now.


Thanks again to Harry Labana, SVP and chief product officer at CloudVolumes, for taking time out to speak with VMblog.

Published Friday, April 18, 2014 7:07 AM by David Marshall
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