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Infographic: Up in the Air? The Future of Cloud Computing

Starting a successful business is about identifying a need in the market and filling it. Keeping your startup afloat and transitioning into a legacy company is about identifying the needs of your business and addressing them before they become weaknesses.

Whether it’s overhead, equipment costs, or storefront square footage, many issues with a business can be tackled by sourcing cloud-based solutions. New apps, productivity suites, even top-of-the-line hardware all comes ready to take advantage of the cloud, so staying current with your tools means needing to adopt the cloud sooner rather than later.

The cloud is misunderstood by many, however. For example, a distressingly high percentage of polled respondents believing that weather has an impact on cloud performance. While this certainly isn’t the case, there are growing pains in moving to such a relatively new technological movement, and so it becomes necessary to understand the facts.

You don’t need to know where every byte of data is headed, but knowing exactly what the cloud is and how it can help is a great place to start. Fortunately, we have an infographic primer for you to look over and educate yourself and your business, so stop checking the weather forecast to decide when your business should move to the cloud!



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Published Thursday, April 24, 2014 6:38 PM by David Marshall
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