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VMware Community Leader John Troyer Resigns for New Opportunity

And with the following Tweet: Ground Control to Major Tom. Commencing countdown, engines on. Check ignition and may God's love be with you... VMware's community manager, John Troyer announces to his fellow VMware community members and friends and followers that he is blasting off to a new opportunity, leaving VMware's employ to create his own IT community, called TechReckoning, which he describes as a place where "the broader IT community can come together and figure out where things are going with technology, the IT industry, and even their own careers."

For those of you that don't know John Troyer (come on, seriously, you're reading and you don't already at least know who John Troyer is?), he is the guy that's considered to be the father of today's VMware community.  You know the community of which I speak, that little virtualization community made up of a few, shy, opinion free virtualization administrators! 

Troyer leaves the virtualization giant's employ after nearly 9 years of service.  And during those years, VMware's community grew thanks to the work and efforts put forth by Troyer and his team... helping to build a number of community involved creations such as: VMTN, Planet V12n and the Virtual Appliance Marketplace, a new blogger program, a growing social media program, the VMware Community Roundtable podcast series, and perhaps most of all, the community fan favorite vExpert Program which recognized and honored virtualization evangelists from around the globe.

He may be leaving VMware, but Troyer isn't saying goodbye to community members.  He's just moving over to the other side of the fence, becoming a community member himself rather than its leader.  And as you might imagine, his new venture will be welcoming these same individuals with open arms to a new hangout.  How will this affect VMware's community?  Probably not much.  Its members are loyal, and they have enough love to spread around.  But other IT communities may have to stand up and take notice.    

Troyer said he plans on kick starting his new TechReckoning world by self-funding it through freelance consulting services that he plans on offering to vendors, showing them how they too can build up communities of their own, much like VMware (ok, maybe not MUCH like VMware but SORT of like VMware).  That means, he'll maintain control and direction... a good thing.  But it also means he won't build up a community over night as if he had millions invested from some private entity.

I've come to know and respect John as a person and as a community leader after all these many years, and I wish him well and continued success.

You can read Troyer's farewell message about leaving VMware on his personal blog, and you can comment and send him your best as well.

Published Friday, May 02, 2014 6:54 AM by David Marshall
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