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Server Virtualization can Enhance Your Organizational Performance

A Contributed Article by Deney Dentel, CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc.

In the modern business world, most business organizations have developed and designed several applications and technologies to enhance organizational performance. Currently, the IT industry is leading in providing exceptional business performance with many new requirements. Most IT companies prefer high-end, innovative devices and technologies to compete with other businesses. Server virtualization has emerged to be the best way to enhance organizational performance.

Currently, virtualization technology is the most important issue in the IT industry. In recent years, there has been more awareness regarding the numerous benefits of virtualization technology. Whether you want quick data recovery, increase storage capacity or improve performance, virtualization can be your best choice.

In the last couple of years, server virtualization has been used by numerous organizations to reduce air conditioning and power consumption needs. It also allows a business to trim the land and building space requirements. Virtualization even streamlines application migrations and deployment, while providing high availability for some critical applications. Virtualization simplifies IT operations, and allows business organizations to respond faster to ever changing business demands.

Individual Physical Devices: Server virtualization allows you to use multiple server applications on a single machine. This eliminates the need of too many physical computers to provide technical specification and operating system environment. Virtualization optimizes server utilization, and maintains old operating system configurations, while running new applications in virtual machines with updated platforms.

A server supporting virtual machines will have more CPUs, memory and other hardware. However, it will still occupy less space and little power than individual physical devices. This will reduce real estate expenditures and costs.

Storage Capacity and Business Performance: Traditional servers tend to have minimum capacity in maintaining and storing your data. In order to enhance productivity and storage capacity of traditional servers, you need to utilize virtualization. If the storage capacity exceeds in traditional servers, they may perform functions slowly.

You need to avoid these problems. You can simply implement server virtualization and increase storage capacity and performance. Virtualization can help you cover for many different resources like operating systems, individual physical devices, processors and more.

Reduce the Business Complexities and Operational Costs: Virtualization can help your servers support multiple operating systems and many different technologies. This can help your business enhance capacity and performance, while reducing operational costs and business complexities. Virtualized servers are developed with advanced features focusing on these tasks. These servers can offer high speed processing power, while managing work pressure by optimizing and tuning work loads.

They can also offer affordable web hosting services, and help you minimize the cost of ownership. In simple terms, virtualized servers are fast processing devices to retrieve and store data whenever required. They support quick data recovery. These servers can even save data for future references to maintain the valuable assets and standards of the business organization.

Provides Recovery Management: Most importantly, server virtualization offers recovery management. Thus, you can use it as backup to protect your data in case of system crashes and disk failure. Virtualized systems are easy to operate and use for data recovery. Advanced features allow outstanding performance. Server virtualization is getting more popular with every passing day. Companies realize that it can enhance organizational performance, while reducing costs.


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Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a unified storage and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised  IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest.
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