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Visit Liquidware Labs at #CitrixSynergy 2014 - Showing Off Award Winning Solutions
Liquidware Labs, the leader in desktop transformation solutions, announced today it will showcase its award-winning solutions ProfileUnity and Stratusphere UX at its Booth 608 at Citrix Synergy 2014.  This event will also be the first time that Citrix end-users will be able to see demonstrations of Flex-IO, an innovative storage acceleration for non-persistent XenDesktop and XenApp desktops.

“We are extremely excited to preview upcoming product features at Synergy,” said Jason Mattox, CTO of Liquidware Labs. “These new features have been long demanded by our customers and channel partners who are supporting sizeable Citrix deployments.  To be able to offer sophisticated feature sets in such affordable solutions will be welcome news to attendees.”

ProfileUnity Application Rights Management, Trigger Points, and Support for Windows 8.x /Server 2012 r2

Attendees will be able to see a preview of significant new features coming in a planned June release of ProfileUnity including Application Rights Management, Trigger Points for profile and policy actions, and support for Windows 8.x and Server 2012 r2. 

New Application Rights Management (ARM) features in the solution will enable ProfileUnity Administrators to securely grant specific Standard Users detailed application rights without making them a Windows Administrator. While some UEM vendors have separate products at significant additional cost to cover ARM, the new features will come standard in ProfileUnity v6.0 from Liquidware Labs.

ProfileUnity’s ARM capabilities include:

  • Secure elevation of applications that require administrative rights for standard users
  • Allow application installations on persistent virtual or physical for standard users
  • Allow/Deny Process – whitelist/blacklist options for installed applications per user

Trigger Points are also being added to ProfileUnity as an option to increase the frequency of User Profile saves and to assign resources such as printers on a real-time context-aware basis. Trigger Points will give the ProfileUnity agent the ability to detect environment changes and apply an action.  Examples include:

  • Profile synch during session on application open and/or application close
  • Location-aware printer reassignment during a user session based on session reconnect and/or dis-connect
  • Assignment of applications, such as RDSH, virtual, or SAAS apps, based on location-aware settings that have changed during user session

While Microsoft has announced that they’ll include a Start Menu in Windows 8.x in an upcoming version, ProfileUnity v6.0 will deliver classic start menu options to Windows 8.x.  Administrators will be able to specify an XP style or Windows 7 style Start Menu for Windows 8.x.  Liquidware Labs sees this option of increasing user adoption of Windows 8.x, helping with user productivity, and ending needless helpdesk call from users new to the OS.  Additionally, ProfileUnity v6.0 will include profile and management support for Windows 8.x and Server 2012 r2.

Stratusphere UX ICA Protocol Support

Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX will also be demonstrating support for Citrix ICA metrics at this year’s Synergy event. With the addition of ICA protocol metrics, Stratusphere UX will offer administrators, engineers and systems architects the protocol-level visibility to more-deeply support XenApp and XenDesktop environments. The visibility to monitor, troubleshoot and provide health checks of virtual desktop infrastructure or published applications is a growing and sophisticated requirement in the support Citrix architectures. Initial enhancements made to Connector ID Keys (CID Keys) will now provide host-to-endpoint information relating to input/output throughput for audio and video. In addition to overall ICA session bandwidth information, this new feature will also include:

  • Audio input and output metrics, supporting visibility when playing sounds in an ICA session
  • Video input and output metrics, supporting visibility into HDX-enabled video streams and flash data within an ICA session
  • Clipboard input and output metrics, supporting visibility when performing clipboard operations from within an ICA session
  • Communications port input and output metrics, supporting visibility of printer and serial port communications from within an ICA session

Future information and ICA metrics will be added as development efforts continue. Plans to add Microsoft RDS metrics are also underway.

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