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Cloudyn for OpenStack Debuts at OpenStack Summit Atlanta

Cloudyn, the leading solution for cloud monitoring and optimization, today unveiled Cloudyn for OpenStack, which is being rolled out first in a beta version, with limited spots available. Similar to the public cloud monitoring that Cloudyn currently offers for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Engine (GCE), Cloudyn for OpenStack brings deployment monitoring and optimization to the popular open source cloud operating system. With Cloudyn, companies that are interested in or have already adopted OpenStack now have a means to monitor, compare, and optimize all of their cloud deployments and assets from a single access point. Cloudyn's expanded support for OpenStack's platform makes it the first vendor to enable enterprises to obtain in-depth, accurate hybrid cloud visibility, management, and optimization across all multi-cloud deployments -- on one single platform.

According to Gartner, almost half of large enterprises will be engaged in a combined public/private cloud operation, often described as "hybrid" cloud computing, by the end of 2017. While many companies are embracing the public cloud for their Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) needs, on-premise deployments, such as OpenStack, are playing an increasingly significant role in the growing hybrid cloud trend. Companies are no longer satisfied with a public only or private only cloud deployment and are looking to leverage the combined or hybrid benefits of each deployment.

However, in this hybrid environment, understanding usage, cost, and business impact across disparate clouds has been a prohibitively time-consuming process, often leaving IT and finance teams in the dark. Similarly, meaningful and accurate comparison of usage, performance, and cost between public and private clouds has been completely unfeasible, forcing DevOps to guesstimate which cloud would better serve new and old workloads.

Cloudyn for OpenStack will help customers determine on which cloud they should deploy their workload, taking into account the following key considerations:

  • cost
  • performance
  • compliance
  • availability of resources
  • failover
  • disaster recovery, and more. 
These key features will enable IT Managers and DevOps to go beyond cost allocation with accurate and actionable insight for optimizing their deployment per department and per business unit.

"We know that the future holds an increasingly hybrid mix of public and private cloud deployments," said Sharon Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudyn. "Our customers are already heading down that path and we are thrilled to be the first cloud monitoring and optimization company to really offer the support they need to manage this new IT model.  Our goal, however, is not to attempt to sway companies into deploying a public or private cloud," continued Wagner, "but rather to make their deployments easier to manage and compare once a single or multi-cloud deployment has been made. We literally provide customers with the ability to compare what their deployments would look like, in terms of resources used and pricing, on AWS vs. GCE vs. OpenStack. "
Cloudyn for OpenStack Key Features:


  • In-depth Usage and Cost Visibility - provides historical and current views of all resources on multiple cloud platforms, available by project, user, region, and tag. 
  • Multi-cloud Workload Comparisons - shows what deployment and cost look like on AWS vs. GCP vs. OpenStack, while factoring in cost, performance, compliance, availability of resources, failover, and disaster recovery. 
  • Hybrid Cloud Cost Planning and Forecasting - illustrates how deployment, maintenance, and planned expansion really cost in terms of man-hours, electricity, HVAC (air conditioning) hardware, and virtual resources. 
  • Chargeback and Optimization in a Multi-cloud Environment - includes chargeback and showback to relevant business units and departments. It also includes optimized capacity planning for simple calculation and reallocation of resources required for handling short to medium-term goals.

Limited Beta Availability
Cloudyn is currently offering companies the opportunity to take part in the Cloudyn for OpenStack beta release. Limited spots are available. Interested parties can sign up here:
Published Monday, May 12, 2014 6:56 PM by David Marshall
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