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Q: What about DATA? A: Primadesk Unifyle

Contributed by Srinivasa Venkataraman

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No, I am not talking about Data from StarTrek TNG,  I am talking about the data that employees have to deal with everyday.  The data that is the life-blood of your organization, that drives your business decisions, the most valuable asset created by employees.

There are a lot of new technologies coming up to help users have easy access to their desktop and applications, and solutions like FSLogix make it even easier for IT folks to roll out applications to the users.  In the last decade user environment management solutions like Citrix XenApp, various VDI solutions, Ericom and a bunch of other applications have made it easier for people to access their apps easily from anywhere using any device.

But what about data?

Files are still spread all over the place on file servers, multiple Sharepoint servers, and FTP servers just to name a few.  On top of it, with the advent of cloud computing the data spread is increasing with files getting stuck in more silos at Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, many private cloud solutions and the like.  Even some of the solutions that try to organize the data are all focusing on the server side consolidation, de-duplication and such.

There is no solution that lets an employee search across all the data sources easily and help them share content directly from there (instead of having to copy it to somewhere else just to share them) or edit files.  We need a solution to Unify access to all employee documents securely, while allowing administrators to use multiple types of infrastructure and build the right solutions for their enterprise.

At Primadesk we successfully solved the issue for consumers by bringing together all the cloud content by building an easy to use cloud dashboard.  Using this technology framework we are building an enterprise product called “Unifyle” that lets users search, manage, share and edit any of their files from anywhere, using any device.  We took the employee point of view to make it extremely easy for them to work with any of their files, then built in admin controls and reports to let admins know what is happening to the files.

Whether using Unifyle or other solutions, we believe it is high time that companies paid attention to data files, and how employees can easily work with them, not just the desktop and applications.

What do you think?.  Let us talk.

Published Thursday, May 29, 2014 7:01 PM by David Marshall
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