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Q&A: Interview with Egenera Talking XenServer VMI and a New Product UI

It’s fast becoming a multi-cloud world that we live in, and consumers are finding out that they need the ability to manage across all the platforms that make up today’s complex environments.  Earlier this month, Egenera announced an updated product UI along with new integrations with XenServer, adding virtual machine instance (VMI) to its cloud management suite.  To dig in a little deeper, I again reached out to John Humphreys, Egenera's VP of marketing, to find out more.

VMblog:  It's great to speak with you again. Can you please give us an update on Egenera and the company's latest news?

John Humphreys:  Certainly, we have worked closely with our customers to continually enhance our products and as a result, we've just announced our integration with XenServer to offer virtual machine instance (VMI) technology along with an updated user interface (UI). These features increase flexibility and improve the user experience.

VMblog:  Tell us, how does the virtual machine instance (VMI) technology impact the industry?

Humphreys:  The cloud market is constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. In fact, 68 percent of IT projects fail to meet expectations, which causes a lot of risk and a potential loss of thousands of dollars. Through our implementation of VMI technology, users can manage their virtual and physical servers without the need to install hypervisors and third party management tools, enabling users to provision server profiles and deploy workloads to both virtual and physical server environments with a single mouse click.  As a result, users benefit from significant time savings as well as more simplified usability through the UI. 

Another major benefit is that Egenera is now able to provide single-vendor support across the entire cloud stack, from the hypervisor to the OS and cloud management tools, so when a customer has any issue, they only need to contact Egenera.  As confusing as cloud environments and their management have been to date, they are only becoming more complex, so this is going to be a major differentiator within the cloud space and huge value point for end users.

VMblog:  Can you talk a little more about Egenera's new user interface?

Humphreys:  We wanted organizations to have the ability to more efficiently manage a cloud consisting of great numbers of physical and virtual servers so we specifically designed the UI to have powerful search capabilities, simplified resource allocation, heterogeneous hardware management, and a scaled-out environment capable of managing thousands of servers.

VMblog:  And when will the new product be available?

Humphreys:  The updated PAN Manager was announced on June 10th and is available to ship June 30th.  We are very excited about these enhancements and look forward to increasing our leadership in the converged infrastructure and cloud management software space.

VMblog:  Is there any other information that you'd like to share with readers?

Humphreys:  Egenera continues to be committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of the cloud world. We push innovation and work closely with our customers to achieve our mission of simplifying the delivery and management of IT services across public, private and multi-cloud environments, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Once again, thanks to John Humphreys for taking time out to speak with and answer a few questions.

Published Monday, June 23, 2014 6:36 AM by David Marshall
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