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Ways to Maximize Your Virtualization Effectiveness

A Contributed Article by Ramya Raju

Ways to Maximize Your Virtualization Effectiveness

New applications and workloads are deployed today with virtualization as a default option. However it's also true that many companies leave some money aside while perfecting data centers with the ever growing technology service. Here are seven tips that will help you ensure that your virtualization strategies give you the best possible results.

Giving your data center a makeover

It's natural to look at storage and figure out there are opportunities for improvement, but you are better off taking a holistic approach and wondering whether you can do the same things differently and more effectively. If your present data center infrastructure has reached its replacement cycle, you can opt for converged infrastructure options because they ensure that your data center is supported brilliantly and easily.

Planning hardware for virtual capacity

In the initial and important stages of planning virtual environment, you just can't buy hardware that won't be able to cope with the impact of virtualization. It's time to think out of the box and realize that your server will be hosting various virtual machines, which is why it should have raw horsepower and space that it is required for growth. Servers not having space for virtual machines can spell disaster. Measure twice, cut once strategy works well here. Your virtual machine will not take little space on the server and you will definitely have several machines.


Do you perform the same action several times? If you do then you end up wasting your precious time that can be spent on more important activities. With growing number of functions going to software in data centers, it's imperative to look at new automation opportunities. Remember, software is more flexible than hardware and can be altered according to your requirements. Using tools to ship with the hypervisor to simplify new deployments makes a lot of sense.

Monitor virtual and non-virtual traffic as well

Both these types of traffic have to be monitored on a regular basis. You can't be complacent enough to think that virtual hosts are easier because you can get a snapshot at a moment's notice. You also have to realize that monitoring means a lot more than security in today's times. As a result it's crucial that you keep tabs on your internal and external traffic to the virtual machines. It will help you analyze what's working and areas that need extra efforts. After a point you will understand that some machines need to have more resources while other virtual machines could work a lot better as stand alone.

Installing all guest add-ons and virtualization tools

Most virtual machine tools including VMware and VirtualBox offer you several guest add-ons and virtualization tools to enhance the experience and the performance. They also make sure the communication between the guest and host is carried out without any hiccups. There are admins who get fooled by thinking that these installations are not important and regret them later. Installing mouse integration, display drivers, guest-to-host time sync and more, should be a no-brainer because it can make the virtual life a lot easier. Of course they are not necessary but they improve the front-end usability drastically.

Implementing good monitoring tools

To maximize the effectiveness of the virtual environment, irrespective of its size, you need to have access to smart monitoring tools. These tools ensure that you are able to identify problems with environment availability at the earliest. They also give you an idea about performance issues that can have an impact on business workloads. These monitoring tools can also be handy for your plan for capacity issues, which could occur in the environment. They have their merits when it comes to capacity management as well because they tell you when certain resources can get exhausted so that you can take proactive steps at the right time.

Maintaining good deployment services

When you know that several virtual machines based on certain configurations and requirements have to be deployed, you can work on templates to make sure the deployment is very efficient and effective as well. You will thus be saved a lot of time and effort, especially if you sell a specific service and that too quite often. It is not as difficult and tedious task as one might think and templates can be created and used when necessary. The time you save is money for you and your clients too.

Hope for the best but be ready for the worst

You don't want failures to have a negative impact on operational environment nor do you want a natural disaster to mess up your data center. But these things can happen when you least expect them to and a good virtualization administrator will be prepared for such scenarios. When it comes to simple availability you can follow best practices to system design and workload operations. It will ensure that you don't end up giving rise to a situation that will lead to loss of function.

If it's about disaster recovery, you can make the most out of hybrid cloud opportunities that you can find in the market. Automation should be kept at the back of your mind at such times. You also need to ensure that it is capable of automatically and seamlessly migrating running workloads to the disaster recovery service from your present environment on the premises.


These are seven simple and easy to follow steps that virtualization administrators can consider to maintain an effective and highly functional environment. There will be many other strategies that you can also use to good effect and ensure that your virtualization effectiveness is optimized to the fullest.


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