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Q&A: @VMTurbo Showcases Powerful #Virtualization and #Cloud Management at #VMworld 2014 - Booth 405

As part of VMblog's live VMworld 2014 coverage coming up next month, we're getting our schedule ready to learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can.  And I know attendees are doing the same.  The event is always jam packed with information coming in from every which way, so it is important to come up with a good game plan to try and follow as best you can throughout the event.  Part of our game plan is to get the lay of the land and figure out who will be on the exhibitor show floor.  Much like previous years, the sponsor list for VMworld 2014 is long and worthy, making it even more important to know ahead of time the who, where and what.

This time, we're focusing in on VMTurbo.  If your company is sending you to VMworld, make sure to get these guys on your schedule!  Because this is technology you want to see.  They have been on my "must visit" booth list for years now, and they never disappoint.

VMblog:  VMTurbo is back with a sponsorship of VMworld 2014.  Where will you guys be located?  And what type of setup do you have this year?

VMTurbo:  As a Silver Sponsor this year, we’ll be stationed at Booth 405 – a 20’x20’ area which we’ve transformed into an other-worldly arena of demos, gaming, and prizes. We’ll have a full video game lounge, tons of giveaways and raffles, plus the ability to join our new Green Circle Community on the spot.

VMblog:  With so many booths at VMworld, and so little time, why should an attendee put you on their MUST SEE list?

VMTurbo:  We’ve introduced loads of new features since the last VMworld, and a bunch of innovations that we’ll be teasing for the future. A little time at our booth will provide attendees with massive time savings when they return to the front lines of their own datacenter, guaranteed.

VMblog:  And when an attendee does visit your booth, what message can you send them back with to sell their boss on your technology?

VMTurbo:  Memorize this: VMTurbo is the only-in-class, software driven control platform for virtualized and cloud environments that assures application performance while safely maximizes utilization of the physical infrastructure. On average, the efficiencies gained with VMTurbo have provided customers with a payback in 3 months or less.

VMblog:  Why is VMworld a must sponsor event for your company?

VMTurbo:  It’s the “Super Bowl” of virtualization, and arguably of all IT (sorry EMC World – you rock too). Everyone who is anyone is there. And we like to think we’re somebody ;)

VMblog:  Can you give VMblog readers a sneak peek as to what you will be showing off at your booth this year? 

VMTurbo:  We’ll be demoing control capabilities for VNX and Resource Pools as VDCs, teasing integration with OpenStack, as well as a host of other cool new features that are light-years ahead of their time.

VMblog:  Sounds cool.  Thanks for the tease.  Now, can you explain or give readers a few reasons why your product or service is considered unique?

VMTurbo:  First there was monitoring, then there were tools to help manage, but VMTurbo provides end-to-end stack control.

Traditional virtualization performance tools use threshold-based alerts. When a metric crosses a threshold, an alert is triggered and Operations team must decide whether the alert is ‘smoke’ or ‘fire’. This “break-fix” mentality – where IT is waiting for something to break in order to go and fix the issue – is insanely inefficient. VMTurbo solves this problem by approaching the datacenter as a giant optimization puzzle that can actually solve itself. By teaching VMs how to shop and then giving them a budget, VMTurbo is able to leverage basic economics (supply and demand ) to provide the corrective placement, sizing, and capacity decisions in real time to control your datacenter in the healthiest, most efficient state possible, where workload performance is continuously assured and problems are prevented – short-circuiting the “break-fix”.

VMblog:  Does VMTurbo have any speaking sessions during the show this year? 

VMTurbo:  We don’t currently have speaking slots, but we do have a meeting room rented onsite where we’ll be holding customer meetings and personalized pre-scheduled demos with our executives.

VMblog:  I have to ask.  Most VMworld attendees enjoy a good giveaway!  Are you guys doing anything special?  If so, what can attendees expect to find at your booth this year?

VMTurbo:  Let’s just say… we sourced our tchotchkes from a galaxy far, far away.  And we sourced a lot of them.

But seriously, we’re giving away limited edition VMTurbo VMworld T-Shirts as well as a bunch of other awesome stuff, so make sure to come by Booth 405.

VMblog:  Ok, besides giveaways, the other important question: Are you guys throwing any type of party during the event?

VMTurbo:  Clear your calendars. The party is on Monday August 25th (6-8pm) at Twenty Five Lusk, which coincidentally is located on 25 Lusk Street (yay marketing). There will be plenty of free food, free drinks, semi-cool people, free gifts, raffles, awards, as well as the ability to meet our founders and top executives. For more information and registration visit:

VMblog:  What are you guys looking forward to most at VMworld this year?

VMTurbo:  We’re very excited to see that the market is embracing mobility and other virtualization flavors – reflected in this year’s “No Limits” theme. We’re beyond basic server virtualization. The marketplace is adopting virtualization across the entire stack – in storage and in network, up into the cloud, and VMTurbo controls across all these domains. Plus maybe a battle royale versus containers, we’ll see!

VMblog:  You're definitely NOT new to VMworld.  How many times have you sponsored before? 

VMTurbo:  This is our fifth time sponsoring VMworld. We’ve been on the roster since 2010, when we officially broke ground and launched our very first version of the product.

VMblog:  Wow, 5 years!  Do you remember your first VMworld?  What can you tell us about it?

VMTurbo:  Of course we do!  Actually, VMworld holds a near and dear place in our collective hearts as back in 2010, VMworld provided our first platform for displaying our product. We only had a small innovators booth, but that is where we actually launched. It was very exciting to see the interest level from everyone at VMworld. It’s been awesome to see our product evolve and to see us gain a larger voice in the marketplace.

VMblog:  Based on past experiences, what are you looking forward to most at this year’s event?

VMTurbo:  We’ve been very fortunate to gain notoriety quickly, so we’re showing up with the benefit of being well known and this year, our goal is to claim our rightful place within the virtualization galaxy.  The VMworld party has stepped it up each year – we’re excited to see who the headliner is this time!


VMTurbo has a great product, and these guys have been a fantastic long time sponsor of  Please make sure to check them out on the show floor this year at booth 405.  You won't be disappointed.

Published Wednesday, July 30, 2014 7:02 AM by David Marshall
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