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Increase Your Returns On IT investments Through Server Virtualization

If you are considering a shift to a hosted data center or searching for ways to make substantial improvement in on-premise data center, there is one thing that you cannot afford to overlook: Virtualization. Virtualization can play a major role in reducing the cost of your facilities, cooling, power and hardware besides making IT investments yield more returns with the same level of effort. Virtualization makes sense at multiple levels are has a lot of inherent advantages.

Let us see what are they?

1. Save energy, go green

If you are not doing your bit in saving our Earth by cleaning up the environment you are putting the future of your children in danger. When you take steps to reduce your carbon footprints, you not only make the air you breathe cleaner but also improve the image of your company as a socially responsible company. Server virtualization can go a long way in improving your company's relationship with the environment as well as the customer.

2. Single mind servers

When you opt for an all-in-one service, you risk losing your data due to a single point of failure. A number of services are competing with each other and many of you may resort to their services to save money. However, it is worth noting that virtualization is also a cost effective way to separate web server, mail server and database server. This makes your data centre more reliable and robust too.

3. Easier migration to cloud

When you are already on a virtual server, you are much closer to a cloud environment. You can easily attain a point where your virtual machines can create powerful cloud based infrastructure. Virtualization inches you closer to a cloud based mindset and thus makes it easy for you to migrate to the cloud.

While there is no denial that virtualization of servers has resulted in great efficiency in IT environment, there are certain security challenges brought about by it too. The immense increase in the usage of VMs has led to the need to manage and protect data effectively.

Let us have a look at data protection challenges and what can be done to overcome them:

Data Protection Challenges

Less resources for data protection: High VM density has resulted in a number of resources being dedicated to data production resulting in less of them being available for data management and protection. Large amounts of data need to be protected with lesser storage means.

Unsecure Data: With VMs cropping up everywhere, there is a huge possibility that the data is not being backed up. Manual data protection policies which are currently in practice are an inefficient method of data protection.

Deficiencies in recovery points: Shift of recovery points from daily to hourly results in hindering productivity but enhances data security. A reasonable balance of both is recommended.

Modern Approach to Protecting Virtualized Data: The process of extensive data backup during the weekend and intermittent backup during the week is an outdated and inefficient practice. As an alternative, a tiered system is widely being used for data security and recovery. Tiered approach is based on data requirements and focuses on specific recovery tasks.

Inactive data is transferred to a content storage platform so that the quantity of data that requires protection is reduced. This becomes an ideal solution when the content storage platform also has built in data protection features.

There are various benefits of using application specific protection protocols such as:

  • Duplicating only necessary data.
  • Granular level storage
  • Automated application recovery.
  • Saving changes as soon as they occur to make data recovery more efficient.
  • Better control over application protection.

Virtualization has produced new demands in the bargain to provide impressive benefits to the modern day data centers. Security of the data is one such demand which can be efficiently met by the use of a variety of tools available. Virtualization can be effectively implemented by making use of such tools and applications tailor made for the needs of the organization.

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