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Did Citrix Just Acquire Virtual, an iOS and Android Virtualization Company?

Did Citrix just acquire a company called Virtual?  A quick Google search might reveal the answer as, yes; but watch out, that search result might just be about the news from 2 years ago when Citrix acquired "Virtual Computer." 

But TechCrunch is reporting that a reliable source has told them that the iOS and Android virtualization company, Virtual, was indeed scooped up by Citrix.  And it appears as though other publications have followed suit, publishing the news as fact -- but as of yet, there has been no official announcement from Citrix or Virtual confirming the deal.  

So who is Virtual?  The company appears to still be in stealth mode by the looks of their Web site.  They claim to be "The only virtualization platform for iOS and Android," but as far as I can tell, they don't yet have a released product -- and the Website still shows the product as "invitation only."

Virtual has claimed that it can imitate nearly any Android or iOS device by way of software, on any platform, with near native performance.  Bold claims, but has anyone actually seen it in action first hand?  We can assume Citrix has, which means they must have been lucky enough to have received one of those "invitations" if the acquisition rumors are true. 
The company does sound interesting.  Evidently, they employ a group of software hacker types; and the founder of the company, Chris Wade, was originally an iPhone jailbreaker.  So these guys definitely know their way around iOS.
If Citrix did acquire Virtual, there must be something to the technology.  And an acquisition could prove quite interesting if Citrix combines "whatever it is" with existing technology it already owns as they expand into the mobile and remote application and desktop markets. 
Stay tuned to see how this plays out and where it all ends up.
Update: Yes!  Yes, they did.  Hours later, Citrix announced the acquisition of Virtual.
Published Wednesday, September 17, 2014 6:33 AM by David Marshall
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