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Pertino Expands AppScape Network Service Virtualization Strategy With New Apps, Partnerships and Big Data Backend Infrastructure
Pertino, a company reinventing networking for the mobile and cloud era, today announced new apps, partnerships and platform infrastructure for its AppScape™ network services app store -- the next major step forward in its strategy to replace traditional appliances with software-defined, virtualized network technologies. AppScape is the industry's first app store for delivering virtual network services on cloud networks and leverages the company's Network Service Virtualization (NSV) technology. Additionally, Pertino has added big data analytics to its Cloud Network Engine platform and is teaming with leading technology vendors to create apps that extend business-class visibility, security and control to cloud networks.

The unstoppable forces of mobile and cloud are transforming IT, making the Internet a mission-critical network for businesses worldwide. Pertino makes it possible for any business to build and manage a private cloud network that overlays the public Internet, securely connecting people and resources everywhere. With AppScape, these private overlay networks can be extended with network services to provide the same level of visibility, security and control as traditional enterprise networks without the cost, complexity and hardware. Now, IT professionals can respond to the evolving network demands of their distributed workforce and hybrid IT infrastructure by instantly deploying cloud networks and network services when and where they're needed.

"Businesses are embracing the hybrid IT model as more of their workforce, work applications and workloads rely on public Internet connectivity. This represents a 180 degree pivot in form and function from traditional WANs," said Bharath Rangarajan, vice president of product at Pertino. "Our Cloud Network Engine and AppScape strategy bring together the platform and partnerships for delivering service-rich private overlay networks with the visibility, security and control that larger IT organizations are accustomed to."

The Cloud Network Engine Gets A Big Data Upgrade

Pertino has added big data storage and analytics capabilities to its Cloud Network Engine to support AppScape apps that require deep packet analysis and correlation at massive-scale such as application-level flow and threat analysis. This new cloud-based data processing and analysis subsystem combines Amazon AWS Kinesis and Redshift infrastructure with Complex Event Processing and MapReduce.

New Network Services Apps

Pertino has released the first set of network services apps for the AppScape app store that can be deployed on Pertino cloud networks with just a few clicks. They include:

  • UsageMonitor: Leverages new big data analytics capabilities to provide near-real-time monitoring and reporting of network bandwidth consumption across users and devices.

  • ADConnect: Extends Active Directory DNS resolution services to Pertino cloud networks.

  • NameStation: Eliminates the need to use IP addresses to reach a device by assigning default names to all devices. NameStation lets IT pros personalize those names and even assign multiple names to a single device.

  • GeoView Pro: Tracks and maps the location of users and devices with street-level accuracy. Lost and stolen devices can be located and "wiped" from the network with just a few clicks.

  • Pertino Desktop: Enables users to securely access their desktop remotely from any device and provides IT pros with an effective means of providing remote support since user devices are always connected and accessible over Pertino. This app will be available in Q4 2014.

"We're a lean manufacturing company with a lean IT team, so we deployed Pertino cloud networking to connect our multiple sites and distributed workforce around the world instead of dealing with the cost and complexity of a traditional hardware solution," said George Moore, director of IT at PFO Global. "AppScape has made deploying network services a breeze. We use AppScape ADConnect to extend AD domain services everywhere, UsageMonitor to monitor and troubleshoot bandwidth-related issues and GeoView to keep track of our highly mobile workforce."

Shift To The Cloud Creates New Partnership Opportunities

The shift of IT infrastructure and workloads to the cloud is causing traditional network appliance vendors to revamp and repackage their technology for insertion into the cloud networking paradigm. Pertino aims to leverage NSV and AppScape to capitalize on this shift and partner with appliance, software and data vendors to deliver a broad range of virtualized network service apps. The partners that enable the apps announced today include:

  • Skyhook Wireless - Geolocation data source for GeoView Pro
  • Procera Networks - DPI/classification engine for platform optimization and future apps
  • Splashtop - Remote desktop software that powers Pertino Desktop

"SDN, along with network and service virtualization technologies, represents a wave of disruption that's poised to sweep across the WAN," said Lee Doyle, principal analyst at Doyle Research. "In its wake will be a new generation of networking solutions that will be more software-driven, service-defined and business agile with economics that more closely align with the cloud than traditional networks."

Plans, Pricing And Availability

Pertino offers a free Personal plan and three different paid plans starting at $29/month. Each plan is aligned with the needs of different market segments, including small businesses (Basic), mid-sized businesses (Business) and enterprises (Enterprise). GeoView Pro, NameStation, ADConnect and UsageMonitor are available free of charge with Business and Enterprise plans. Pricing and availability for Pertino Desktop will be made available in Q4 2014.

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