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Budd Van Lines improves VDI user experience with @Infinio Accelerator
Infinio, a market leader in I/O optimization for virtualized data centers, today shared strong results achieved by its customer, national shipping and logistics company Budd Van Lines. Budd’s business relies on its VMware vSphere virtualized environment, which supports a XenApp/XenDesktop VDI implementation as well as general enterprise application workloads.

When end users complained about inconsistent VDI response times, Doug Soltesz, Vice President and CIO, initially tried an SSD-based solution, but without success. When Budd tried Infinio Accelerator, results improved dramatically, and at a fraction of the cost.

Delayed read times especially impacted the user experience, Soltesz explained, making Infinio’s distributed, content-based read cache the right solution. Unlike other options, Infinio is optimized for RAM and requires no SSDs. “Infinio makes efficient use of resources in our VDI environment, right down to the 8 GB of RAM required from an ESX host,” Soltesz said. “RAM that’s not being used just goes to waste, so why not make good use of it and move your data closer to your users?”

During Budd’s steady-state operations, Infinio provides consistent improvement in response time, averaging more than 60% of requests offloaded from central storage. When I/O spikes threaten the user experience, Infinio provides a shock-absorber effect that shields users from the impact of events such as boot and login storms.

Another benefit to Budd Van Lines’ IT operations is that Infinio operates transparently, working with the company’s existing datastores and storage devices, with no need to migrate data or adjust operational practices around backup, replication, snapshotting, or other maintenance.

The full Budd Van Lines case study is available at  To learn more about Infinio, download a free 30-day trial, or attend a live product demo by registering here:

Published Wednesday, October 01, 2014 7:29 PM by David Marshall
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