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VMware Starts and Stops vSphere 6.0 Release Candidate Announcement

For those in attendance at this year's VMworld US 2014 event in San Francisco, you might have been expecting VMware to make an announcement of a move from public Beta to a release candidate (RC) or even better a GA release of their flagship product, vSphere 6.0.  Alas, that didn't happen.  And while the show's keynote didn't give away the farm about what was to come in this new release, they did mention bits and pieces throughout the event.   

So where does vSphere 6.0 stand today?

Well, for starters, some are questioning the product's name.  And hey, sometimes speculation is more fun than reality!  And right now, some are speculating that VMware will change the name from vSphere 6.0 to vSphere 2015 once it is released.  Sure, it could happen.  I was after all still waiting for Windows 9 to come out until I heard it would be called Windows 10.  :)

So, will they or won't they?  And, when?  Those are the questions we are left with right now. 

If you follow social media and VMware news closely, you may have seen an official announcement about a Release Candidate version pop up over on the VMware corporate blogosphere.  But did VMware's blog post get pushed out prematurely?  Obviously, the answer to that question is yes... evidenced by the quick removal of said blog post. 

VMware's vSphere 6.0 is still officially in Beta, and those Beta testers who have been pounding away at the product are under NDA rules and therefore cannot talk about the product and its features.  One blogger posted his feelings on the subject, writing:

"As a blogger, I feel like I have been muzzled by the NDA, whilst VMware are disregarding their own rules.  I was hoping the GA version would be released during VMworld and I prepared a number of blog posts that are still in the “Draft” state."

But what about the "leaked blog post" that was posted and then pulled?  There are still traces of it sprinkled throughout the Web.  And The Register, who initially found and reported on the since removed blog post, revealed these new features in vSphere 6.0 RC, ahead of others:

  • Support for Free BSD 10.0 and Asianux 4SP3 as guests;
  • VMs will scale to 128 vCPUs and 4TB vRAM;
  • Support for hosts running 480 physical CPUs, 12TB RAM and 64TB of storage;
  • Service level management for storage I/O, with controls for each VM, and the same for Network I/O thanks to distributed vSwitch bandwidth reservations;
  • VMs with up to 4 vCPUs gain continuous availability protection under vSphere Fault Tolerance;
  • vMotion over 100ms round trips, which means vMotion over mobile broadband, a handy DR option.

So now the question becomes, will VMware make the official product announcement at VMworld Europe which takes place right around the corner in Barcelona, October 14-16, 2014?  Perhaps.  What I do know is that VMware already has a good blog post ready to go to help with the announcement, once that official announcement is actually made of course.  :)

Published Friday, October 10, 2014 7:19 AM by David Marshall
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