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Cloudera Unveils Cloudera Enterprise 5.2
Strata + Hadoop World 2014: Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop, today announced availability of Cloudera Enterprise 5.2. The new release represents the proven success and maturity of the enterprise data hub, which delivers best-of-breed technologies and capabilities, with the support and validation of a robust ecosystem. This proven platform allows enterprises to leverage a pervasive analytics strategy in order to drive competitive advantages through the use of data. Key features include security advancements, industry-defining cloud capabilities, Impala 2.0 as the analytic database for Hadoop, and deeper technology integration with Cloudera's partner ecosystem - including platform enhancements developed in collaboration with Intel.

"Enterprises are clamoring for better ways to get real value from Big Data. Cloudera Enterprise 5.2 is the most advanced Hadoop-based platform on the market today," said Mike Olson, chief strategy officer at Cloudera. "Across all industries and around the world, companies recognize the value of an enterprise data hub to capture, store, process and analyze data, and to integrate with the critical systems -- databases, data warehouses, applications and tools -- on which they rely today. The latest release adds new SQL capabilities, stream processing, multi-vendor cloud support, big performance improvements and more. Cloudera is the only Hadoop-based offering that's achieved PCI security certification for sensitive data. And the 5.2 release marks even more growth in our partner ecosystem, with storage, database, server, application and services partners embracing Cloudera and the latest version of our product."

Security Advancements

Cloudera is the only Hadoop platform with comprehensive security built into the core - including at rest and in motion protection of all data and metadata across the entire Hadoop cluster. This, combined with Cloudera and Intel's deep involvement in Project Rhino, an open source effort to enhance security in Hadoop, including joint work on industry-standard Apache Sentry and HDFS encryption capabilities; the recent acquisition of Gazzang; and the launch of the Cloudera Center for Security Excellence makes Cloudera the singular leader in security and governance for Hadoop.

With this latest release of Cloudera Enterprise, the company continues to improve and simplify security for Hadoop, ensuring a powerful compliance-ready solution. Cloudera 5.2 includes:
  • Hue Support - The open source Hadoop UI now supports Sentry policy management to visually create and edit roles and permissions for Impala, Hive, and Search.

  • Simple Key Management - Deployment and installation hardening of Navigator Key Trustee Server.

  • Cloudera Navigator - Improvements to the breadth and usability, including an updated auditing UI, enhanced component coverage, and auditing extensibility.

"With enterprises looking to place more critical workloads in Hadoop, the requirements for stronger security and compliance for Big Data projects has climbed rapidly. Cloudera has directly addressed those needs by adding advancements that further reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements through automation and simplification," said Tony Baer, analyst, Ovum. "Cloudera has raised the bar, and its innovations are setting standards for security and compliance, especially for regulated organizations that need to ensure high levels of protection for data."

Deeper Integrations for the Partner Ecosystem

In addition to major security upgrades, Cloudera Enterprise 5.2 features deeper integrations and strengthened relationships with many partners across its 1,200-member ecosystem. This not only ensures a seamless, flexible experience for organizations integrating an enterprise data hub into their infrastructures - allowing them to leverage existing skillsets and investments - but also drives improvements across the Hadoop ecosystem as a whole.


Since its partnership, Intel and Cloudera are jointly dedicated to advancing Hadoop through hardware and software improvements. The Cloudera 5.2 release marks the first major release where Intel and Cloudera have collaborated to contribute to CDH and represents a milestone in that the majority of functionality in Intel's Distribution of Hadoop (IDH) has been incorporated into CDH. This enables Intel customers to migrate to Cloudera - gaining all the functionality and benefits of an enterprise data hub without losing anything from IDH.

Through joint engineering efforts in 5.2, MapReduce, the popular batch-processing engine, now leverages native tasks and is optimized for hardware making it both faster and more available. Additionally, these efforts have led to security advancements around HDFS encryption and Project Rhino.

"As enterprises transition from evaluating Hadoop to deploying it and other big data technologies for key business workloads, security and performance are becoming key requirements for broader adoption," said Ron Kasabian, vice president and general manager of Intel's Big Data Solutions group. "With the release of Cloudera 5.2, Intel and Cloudera have addressed these top of mind issues with key enhancements for Apache Hadoop on Intel architecture with robust security extending from silicon to software. Additionally, the majority of the unique capabilities of the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software are now available in Cloudera 5.2, paving the way for migration of Intel customers to Cloudera Enterprise."

EMC Isilon

Cloudera and EMC Isilon have partnered to support a joint solution for seamless integration between the EMC Isilon Storage Solution and Cloudera Enterprise. By leveraging Cloudera Manager's open APIs, Isilon is now available as an alternative storage backend for customers.

Impala 2.0 Unveiled: The leading open source analytic database for Hadoop

Impala 2.0, unveiled today, is included in the release of Cloudera Enterprise 5.2 and is an integrated part of Cloudera's enterprise data hub. Impala 2.0 represents the most significant release of Impala since its initial launch in early 2013 - it is the leading open source analytic database for Hadoop. With Impala 2.0, it continues to deliver industry-leading performance for both single- and multi-user concurrent workloads and enhanced compatibility with common SQL functionality. With multiple, enterprise-grade frameworks, including Impala, Cloudera Enterprise is the proven platform for robust analytics, including batch processing, analytic SQL, stream processing, and machine learning.

Cloudera Director: Hadoop for Cloud

Cloudera is unlocking the potential of Hadoop in the cloud with Cloudera Director, a reliable, self-service experience for deploying and managing Cloudera's open, neutral Hadoop platform in the cloud for a variety of use cases. It provides a single administration interface for central IT to deliver agility and for end-users to self-service provision and elastically scale clusters, all while ensuring auditability. In its first release, Cloudera Director is fully supported on Amazon Web Services and lets customers take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud without compromising on key enterprise requirements such as security, management, and governance.

Additional Features in 5.2

In addition to strengthened security and partner advancements, Cloudera 5.2 introduces enhancements to several key components, including Search, Spark, and HBase. For full details on what's included with Cloudera 5.2, download the release notes.

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